Joseph M Grebowsky

Joseph M Grebowsky

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  • Greenbelt , MD 20771
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  • Curriculum Vitae

    Positions and Appointments

    Astrophysicist, Planetary Magnetospheres Laboratory, Solar System Exploration Division

    2006 - Member Planetary Atmospheres Review Panel
    2005 - Radiation Belt Storm Probe Mission Deputy Project Scientist
    2004 - Member NASA Mars Aeronomy Working Steering Committee
    2004 - Member Planetary Atmospheres Review Panel
    2003 - Deputy Project Scientist, Living With a Star Geospace Missions
    2002 - Member JGR- Planets Editor Search Committee
    2001 - Member Planetary Atmospheres review panel
    2000 - Member of Geospace ITM review panel
    1998 - Program Scientist at GSFC for NASA's Sun Earth Connections Theory Program
    1997 - Project Scientist for Geospace Electrodynamic Connections mission
    1995-1997 - Assisted R. Carovillano in managing NASA's Magnetosphere Physics program
    1994-1996 - Member NASA ITM MOWG
    1993-1994 - Deputy Project Scientist for TIMED
    1992-1994 - Co-investigator on TIMED TWINNIE Experiment
    1992-1993 - Coinvestigator on Pioneer Venus Orbital Ion Mass Spectrometer Team
    1991-1992 - Member of Source Evaluation Board for NOAA Space Environment Monitoring System
    1991 - Member of NASA Space Physics Suborbital Science review panel
    1990 - Chairman of NASA Space Physics Guest Investigator Program review panel
    1990 - Chairman of Cassini Experiment review panel, and member of NASA's categorization panel for investigator selection on this mission
    1990-1998 - Coinvestigator (with responsibility for the ion measurements) on the Contamination Experiment team for the Midcourse Space Experiment (MSX). The APL contamination monitoring package is to be flown on a Strategic Defence Initiative satellite mission (1994 launch)
    1990-1992 - PI responsibility for the Atmosphere Explorer satellites' ion mass spectrometer data used in NASA's Space Physics Guest Investigator Program
    1988-1992 - Co-chairman of Pioneer Venus Guest Investigator Review Panel
    1988 - Member of EOS proposal evaluation panel
    1988 - Member of CRAF science review panel
    1988-1990 - Coinvestigator on Neutral Gas Ion Mass Spectrometer experiment team for the Comet Rendezvous Asteroid Flyby (CRAF) mission
    1987-1990 - Member of Space Station Plasma Interaction Effects Working Group
    1987 - Member of science definition team for the Mars Aeronomy Orbiter mission
    1984-1987 - Principal Scientist for ion spectrometer flown as part of the U. Iowa's Plasma Diagnostic Package that was carried on two Space Shuttle missions: STS-3 and Spacelab 2 (STS-51F)
    1983-1984 - One year halftime detail followed by one year fulltime detail at NASA Headquarters in Planetary Atmosphere Program of the Planetary Division under H. C. Brinton Executive secretary of the Planetary Atmospheres Management Operations Working Group (MOWG)
    1983 - Member of Pioneer Venus Guest Investigator panel
    1982 - Member of CRESS science review and categorization panel
    1978-1979 - Half time detail at NASA Headquarters in Planetary Atmosphere Program of the Planetary Division under R. Murphy Was responsible for developing and setting up the charter for the program's MOWG Served on numerous GSFC committees and mentored several high school and undergraduate students Typically referee or critique more than 5 scientific journal submissions/NASA proposals per year

    Summer 1962 Summer Trainee, Atomic Energy Commission, New York Operations Office
    Summer 1963 Physicist, Naval Ordnance Laboratory, White Oak, Maryland
    1963-1965 Research Assistantship, Ionosphere Research Lab., Pennsylvania State University

    Professional Memberships

    American Geophysical Union


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