Gordon L Bjoraker

Gordon L Bjoraker

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  • Greenbelt , MD 20771
  • Employer: NASA
  • Curriculum Vitae

    Positions and Appointments

    Astrophysicist, Planetary Systems Laboratory
    Appointments: 1986-date Astrophysicist, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
    1985-1986 NRC Resident Research Associate, NASA/GSFC
    1984-1985 Research Associate, Observatoire de Paris-Meudon, France
    1982-1984 Graduate Student Researchers Program, NASA/GSFC
    1978-1982 Graduate Research Assistant, Lunar and Planetary Lab, Univ of Arizona


    University of Wisconsin Physics B.S. June 1978
    University of Arizona Planetary Sciences Ph.D., May, 1985

    Professional Services

    Service to the scientific community: I perform service to the planetary science community each year by serving on review panels, reviewing proposals as an external reviewer, and refereeing journal articles.
    Radiative Transfer: I have maintained and upgraded a spectrum synthesis program for use in modeling the atmospheres of Jupiter, Saturn, and Titan. This is used at Goddard, Cornell, Univ. of Arizona, and New Mexico State Univ.


    2005 Temperatures, winds, and composition in the Saturn system. Science, 307, 1247-1251", Flasar, F.M. and the CIRS team.
    2005 Titan's atmospheric temperatures, winds, and composition. Science, 308, 975-978, Flasar, F. M. and the CIRS team.
    2005 Observations of C2H6 and C2H2 in the stratosphere of Saturn 2005. Icarus, 173, 499-507, Sada, P. V., G. L. Bjoraker, D. E. Jennings, G. H. McCabe, and P. N. Romani.
    2004 The nitrogen isotopic ratio in Jupiter's atmosphere from observations by the Composite Infrared Spectrometer on the Cassini spacecraft. Astrophys. J., 602, 1063-1074, Abbas, M. M. and the CIRS team.
    2004 An intense stratospheric jet on Jupiter. Nature, 427, 132-135. Flasar, F. M. and the CIRS team.
    2004 Exploring the Saturn System in the thermal infrared: the Composite Infrared Spectrometer. Space Science Reviews, 115, 169-297. Flasar, F. M. and the CIRS team.
    2004 Bright-region radiative properties within the Mars South Polar Cap (Ls=231) from near-infrared spectroscopic imaging. Icarus, 174, 600-603. Glenar, D. A., G. Hansen, G. Bjoraker, M. Smith, J. Pearl, and D. Blaney.
    2004 Jupiter's atmospheric composition from the Cassini thermal infrared spectroscopy experiment. Science, 305, 1582-1586. Kunde, V. G. and the CIRS team.
    2004 Identification of the 10-micron ammonia ice feature on Jupiter. Planetary and Space Science, 52, 385-395. Wong, M. H., G. L. Bjoraker, M. D. Smith, and C. A. Nixon.
    2003 Spectral imaging of martian water ice clouds and their diurnal behavior during the 1999 aphelion season (Ls=130 degrees). Icarus 161, 297-318. Glenar, D. A., R. E. Samuelson, J. C. Pearl, G. L. Bjoraker, and D. Blaney.
    2001 A sensitive search for methane in the infrared spectrum of ▩ Bootis. Astrophys. J. 546, 1068-1074. Wiedemann, G., D. Deming, and G. Bjoraker.
    2000 Mapping of Mars ο2(1Δ) dayglow. J. Geophys. Res. 105, 20179-20188. Krasnopolsky, V. A., and G. L. Bjoraker.

    Talks, Presentations and Posters

    Public talks: I have given talks on topics ranging from water in the solar system, the impact of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 with Jupiter, and the Galileo mission to Jupiter.

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