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David S Leckrone

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    Brief Bio

    Dr. Leckrone began his NASA career in 1969 as an astrophysicist, working on the first Orbiting Astronomical Observatories at the Goddard Space Flight Center. In the early '70's he led studies of potential astronomical payloads for the Space Shuttle. In 1976 he was appointed Scientific Instruments Project Scientist for the Space Telescope Program (later re-named Hubble Space Telescope). Concurrently, in the 1980's, he was Head of the Astronomy Branch in the Laboratory for Astronomy and Solar Physics at Goddard. In 1992 he became Senior Project Scientist for the Hubble Program at GSFC. In this role he provides scientific leadership for all aspects of the Hubble Program and is scientific advisor to the HST Program Manager. He was the scientific lead for four highly successful Shuttle servicing missions to the HST in 1993, 1997, 1999 and 2002. In addition to his Hubble Program responsibilities, Dr. Leckrone also served as the Chief Scientist for the NASA Engineering and Safety Center (NESC), formed by the Agency in response to the recommendations of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board, during 2003-2005.

    Dr. Leckrone is an internationally recognized authority on ultraviolet astronomy, spectroscopic analysis of the atmospheres of stars, atomic spectroscopic data and the abundances of the chemical elements. He is the author or co-author of over 70 scientific papers and invited reviews, many of which are based on his research with the OAO satellites, with the International Ultraviolet Explorer and with the Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph on Hubble. He has worked extensively in public outreach and with the news media, including many interviews on national television and radio, and innumerable "popular" scientific talks at conventions and other public gatherings.

    Dr. Leckrone has received a number of awards including the NASA Medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement, the NASA Medal for Outstanding Leadership and an honorary doctorate from the University of Lund in Sweden.


    Spectroscopy of stellar atmospheres;
    Chemically peculiar stars;
    Origin and abundances of the chemical elements;
    Laboratory and theoretical atomic spectroscopic data;
    Ultraviolet space astrophysics;
    Instrumentation for space astronomy;
    Design, development and operations of space observatories


    P.I. of international team of astrophysicists and atomic physicists mining a rich set of ultraviolet spectroscopic observations of the photospheres of chemically peculiar and normal early-type main-sequence stars, obtained with IUE, HST/GHRS and HST/STIS.

    Lead scientist for the management of the overall HST Program. Scientific lead for HST Servicing Mission 4 (pending go-ahead from NASA Administrator).

    Development of long-term plan and infrastructure for engagement of robotic science missions by the NESC.


    1964 - B.S. with Honors in Physics, Purdue University
    1966 - M.A. in Astronomy, University of California at Los Angeles
    1969 - Ph.D. in Astronomy, University of California at Los Angeles
    Thesis: "The Lines of Neutral Helium in the Spectra of B-Type Stars"
    (Thesis advisor Lawrence H. Aller)
    1986 - M.A.S. in Management, Johns Hopkins University



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