Sciences and Exploration Directorate

Xiaoguang (Richard) Xu


Org Code: 616

Mail Code: 616.2
Greenbelt, MD 20771


Brief Bio

Xiaoguang Xu’s research area has focused on development of aerosol retrieval algorithms, data assimilation, and OSSEs for aerosol remote sensing data, with emphasis on the integration of satellite remote sensing and chemistry transport model (e.g. GEOS-Chem) to characterize aerosol emitting sources, distributions, as well as their climate & environmental impacts. He has developed aerosol retrieval algorithms for both satellite (MODIS and EPIC) and ground-based (AERONET) remote sensing platforms. He implemented the capability to use GEOS-Chem adjoint for inverse modeling of dust emissions, with which he constrained speciated aerosol sources from satellite radiances. Xu is the primary developer of a numerical testbed for remote sensing of aerosol known as UNL-VRTM (https://unl- He currently leads the efforts in developing the HARP2 level 1 data processing algorithm for PACE satellite.



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