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Norberto Romanelli



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Selected Publications


Romanelli, N., N. Andrés, and G. A. DiBraccio. 2022. Variability of the Incompressible Energy Cascade Rate in Solar Wind Turbulence around Mars The Astrophysical Journal 929 (2): 145 [10.3847/1538-4357/ac5902]

Chen, L., J. Halekas, S. Wang, et al. G. A. DiBraccio, N. Romanelli, J. Ng, C. T. Russell, S. J. Schwartz, D. G. Sibeck, W. Farrell, C. Pollock, D. Gershman, B. Giles, and Y. M. Collado-Vega. 2022. Solitary Magnetic Structures Developed From Gyro‐Resonance With Solar Wind Ions at Mars and Earth Geophysical Research Letters 49 (3): [10.1029/2021gl097600]

Romanelli, N., and G. A. DiBraccio. 2021. Occurrence rate of ultra-low frequency waves in the foreshock of Mercury increases with heliocentric distance Nature Communications 12 (1): 6748 [10.1038/s41467-021-26344-2]

Andrés, N., F. Sahraoui, L. Z. Hadid, et al. S. Y. Huang, N. Romanelli, S. Galtier, G. DiBraccio, and J. Halekas. 2021. The Evolution of Compressible Solar Wind Turbulence in the Inner Heliosphere: PSP, THEMIS, and MAVEN Observations The Astrophysical Journal 919 (19): 11 [10.3847/1538-4357/ac0af5]

Poh, G., J. R. Espley, K. Nykyri, et al. C. M. Fowler, X. Ma, S. Xu, G. Hanley, N. Romanelli, C. Bowers, J. Gruesbeck, and G. A. DiBraccio. 2021. On the Growth and Development of Non‐Linear Kelvin–Helmholtz Instability at Mars: MAVEN Observations Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics 126 (9): [10.1029/2021ja029224]

Romeo, O. M., N. Romanelli, J. R. Espley, et al. C. Mazelle, G. A. DiBraccio, J. R. Gruesbeck, and J. S. Halekas. 2020. Variability of Upstream Proton Cyclotron Wave Properties and Occurrence at Mars observed by MAVEN Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics [10.1029/2020ja028616]

Romanelli, N., G. DiBraccio, J. Halekas, et al. E. Dubinin, J. Gruesbeck, J. Espley, G. Poh, Y. Ma, and J. G. Luhmann. 2020. Variability of the Solar Wind Flow Asymmetry in the Martian Magnetosheath observed by MAVEN Geophysical Research Letters [10.1029/2020gl090793]

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Martinez, A., R. Modolo, F. Leblanc, et al. J. Y. Chaufray, O. Witasse, N. Romanelli, Y. Dong, T. Hara, J. Halekas, R. Lillis, J. McFadden, F. Eparvier, L. Leclercq, J. Luhmann, S. Curry, and B. Jakosky. 2020. Influence of the Solar Wind Dynamic Pressure on the Ion Precipitation: MAVEN Observations and Simulation Results Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics 125 (10): [10.1029/2020ja028183]

Halekas, J. S., S. Ruhunusiri, O. L. Vaisberg, et al. Y. Harada, J. R. Espley, D. L. Mitchell, C. Mazelle, N. Romanelli, G. A. DiBraccio, and D. A. Brain. 2020. Properties of Plasma Waves Observed Upstream From Mars Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics 125 (9): [10.1029/2020ja028221]

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Romanelli, N., G. DiBraccio, R. Modolo, et al. F. Leblanc, J. Espley, J. Gruesbeck, J. Halekas, J. Mcfadden, and B. Jakosky. 2019. Recovery Timescales of the Dayside Martian Magnetosphere to IMF Variability Geophysical Research Letters 46 (20): 10977-10986 [10.1029/2019gl084151]

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