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Ackerman, A., K. Yarincik, S. Murphy, et al. I. Cetinić, A. Fundis, A. Miller, E. Shroyer, A. Busse, Q.-D. Covington, A. DeSilva, A. Haupt, L. Johnson, C. Lee, L. Lorenzoni, B. Murphy, J. Ramarui, B. Rosenheim, and D. Steinberg. 2023. "Know Before You Go: A Community-Derived Approach to Planning for and Preventing Sexual Harassment at Oceanographic Field Sites." Oceanography. 36 (1): [10.5670/oceanog.2023.112] [Journal Article/Letter]

Agagliate, J., R. Foster, A. Ibrahim, and A. Gilerson. 2023. "A neural network approach to the estimation of in-water attenuation to absorption ratios from PACE mission measurements." Frontiers in Remote Sensing. 4 [10.3389/frsen.2023.1060908] [Journal Article/Letter]

Arteaga, L. A., and C. S. Rousseaux. 2023. "Impact of Pacific Ocean heatwaves on phytoplankton community composition." Communications Biology. 6 [10.1038/s42003-023-04645-0] [Journal Article/Letter]

Brewin, R. J., S. Sathyendranath, G. Kulk, et al. M.-H. Rio, J. A. Concha, T. G. Bell, A. Bracher, C. Fichot, T. L. Frölicher, M. Galí, D. A. Hansell, T. S. Kostadinov, C. Mitchell, A. R. Neeley, E. Organelli, K. Richardson, C. Rousseaux, F. Shen, D. Stramski, M. Tzortziou, A. J. Watson, C. I. Addey, M. Bellacicco, H. Bouman, D. Carroll, I. Cetinić, G. Dall’Olmo, R. Frouin, J. Hauck, M. Hieronymi, C. Hu, V. Ibello, B. Jönsson, C. E. Kong, Ž. Kovač, M. Laine, J. Lauderdale, S. Lavender, E. Livanou, J. Llort, L. Lorinczi, M. Nowicki, N. A. Pradisty, S. Psarra, D. E. Raitsos, A. B. Ruescas, J. L. Russell, J. Salisbury, R. Sanders, J. D. Shutler, X. Sun, F. G. Taboada, G. H. Tilstone, X. Wei, and D. K. Woolf. 2023. "Ocean carbon from space: Current status and priorities for the next decade." Earth-Science Reviews. 240 104386 [10.1016/j.earscirev.2023.104386] [Journal Article/Letter]

Dierssen, H. M., M. Gierach, L. S. Guild, et al. A. Mannino, J. Salisbury, S. Schollaert Uz, J. Scott, P. A. Townsend, K. Turpie, M. Tzortziou, E. Urquhart, R. Vandermeulen, and P. J. Werdell. 2023. "Synergies Between NASA's Hyperspectral Aquatic Missions PACE, GLIMR, and SBG: Opportunities for New Science and Applications." Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences. 128 (10): [10.1029/2023jg007574] [Journal Article/Letter]

Erickson, Z. K., L. McKinna, P. J. Werdell, and I. Cetinić. 2023. "Bayesian approach to a generalized inherent optical property model." Optics Express. 31 (14): 22790 [10.1364/oe.486581] [Journal Article/Letter]

Friedland, K. D., N. R. Record, D. E. Pendleton, et al. W. M. Balch, K. Stamieszkin, J. R. Moisan, and D. C. Brady. 2023. "Asymmetry in the rate of warming and the phenology of seasonal blooms in the Northeast US Shelf Ecosystem." ICES Journal of Marine Science. [10.1093/icesjms/fsad007] [Journal Article/Letter]

Gao, M., K. Knobelspiesse, B. A. Franz, et al. P.-W. Zhai, B. Cairns, X. Xu, and J. V. Martins. 2023. "The impact and estimation of uncertainty correlation for multi-angle polarimetric remote sensing of aerosols and ocean color." Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 16 (8): 2067–2087 [https://doi.org/10.5194/amt-16-2067-2023] [Journal Article/Letter]

Hammer, M. S., A. van Donkelaar, L. Bindle, et al. A. M. Sayer, J. Lee, N. C. Hsu, R. C. Levy, V. Sawyer, M. J. Garay, O. V. Kalashnikova, R. A. Kahn, A. Lyapustin, and R. V. Martin. 2023. "Assessment of the impact of discontinuity in satellite instruments and retrievals on global PM2.5 estimates." Remote Sensing of Environment. 294 113624 [10.1016/j.rse.2023.113624] [Journal Article/Letter]

Hannadige, N. K., P.-W. Zhai, P. J. Werdell, et al. M. Gao, B. A. Franz, K. Knobelspiesse, and A. Ibrahim. 2023. "Optimizing retrieval spaces of bio-optical models for remote sensing of ocean color." Applied Optics. 62 (13): 3299 [10.1364/ao.484082] [Journal Article/Letter]

Hannadige, N. K., P.-W. Zhai, M. Gao, et al. Y. Hu, P. J. Werdell, K. Knobelspiesse, and B. Cairns. 2023. "Performance evaluation of three bio-optical models in aerosol and ocean color joint retrievals." Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 16 (23): 5749-5770 [10.5194/amt-16-5749-2023] [Journal Article/Letter]

Houskeeper, H. F., and S. B. Hooker. 2023. "Extending aquatic spectral information with the first radiometric IR-B field observations." PNAS Nexus. [10.1093/pnasnexus/pgad340] [Journal Article/Letter]

Kahn, R. A., E. Andrews, C. A. Brock, et al. M. Chin, G. Feingold, A. Gettelman, R. C. Levy, D. M. Murphy, A. Nenes, J. R. Pierce, T. Popp, J. Redemann, A. M. Sayer, A. da Silva, L. Sogacheva, and P. Stier. 2023. "Reducing Aerosol Forcing Uncertainty By Combining Models with Satellite and Within‐the‐Atmosphere Observations: A Three‐Way Street." Reviews of Geophysics. [10.1029/2022rg000796] [Journal Article/Letter]

Keith, D. J., W. Salls, B. A. Schaeffer, and P. J. Werdell. 2023. "Assessing the suitability of lakes and reservoirs for recreation using Landsat 8." Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. 195 (11): 1353 [10.1007/s10661-023-11830-5] [Journal Article/Letter]

Li, J., A. Matsuoka, S. B. Hooker, et al. S. Maritorena, X. Pang, and M. Babin. 2023. "A tuned ocean color algorithm for the Arctic Ocean: a solution for waters with high CDM content." Optics Express. 31 (23): 38494 [10.1364/oe.500340] [Journal Article/Letter]

Lizotte, M., B. Juhls, A. Matsuoka, et al. P. Massicotte, G. Mével, D. O. Anikina, S. Antonova, G. Bécu, M. Béguin, S. Bélanger, T. Bossé-Demers, L. Bröder, F. Bruyant, G. Chaillou, J. Comte, R.-M. Couture, E. Devred, G. Deslongchamps, T. Dezutter, M. Dillon, D. Doxaran, A. Flamand, F. Fell, J. Ferland, M.-H. Forget, M. Fritz, T. J. Gordon, C. Guilmette, A. Hilborn, R. Hussherr, C. Irish, F. Joux, L. Kipp, A. Laberge-Carignan, H. Lantuit, E. Leymarie, A. Mannino, J. Maury, P. Overduin, L. Oziel, C. Stedmon, C. Thomas, L. Tisserand, J.-É. Tremblay, J. Vonk, D. Whalen, and M. Babin. 2023. "Nunataryuk field campaigns: understanding the origin and fate of terrestrial organic matter in the coastal waters of the Mackenzie Delta region." Earth System Science Data. 15 (4): 1617-1653 [10.5194/essd-15-1617-2023] [Journal Article/Letter]

Lyapustin, A., M. Choi, Y. Wang, et al. X. Xiong, A. Angal, A. Wu, D. R. Doelling, R. Bhatt, S. Go, S. V. Korkin, B. A. Franz, G. Meister, A. M. Sayer, M. O. Román, R. E. Holz, K. G. Meyer, J. F. Gleason, and R. C. Levy. 2023. "Calibration of the SNPP and NOAA 20 VIIRS sensors for continuity of the MODIS climate data records." Remote Sensing of Environment. 295 113717 [10.1016/j.rse.2023.113717] [Journal Article/Letter]

Matek, A., S. Bosak, L. Šupraha, et al. A. Neeley, H. Višić, I. Cetinić, and Z. Ljubešić. 2023. "Phytoplankton diversity and chemotaxonomy in contrasting North Pacific ecosystems." PeerJ. 11 e14501 [10.7717/peerj.14501] [Journal Article/Letter]

Mishra, S., R. P. Stumpf, B. A. Schaeffer, and P. J. Werdell. 2023. "Recent changes in cyanobacteria algal bloom magnitude in large lakes across the contiguous United States." Science of The Total Environment. 165253 [10.1016/j.scitotenv.2023.165253] [Journal Article/Letter]

Osborne, E., J. Luo, I. Cetinić, H. Benway, and S. Menden-Deuer. 2023. "Our Evolving Understanding of Biological Carbon Export." Eos. 104 [10.1029/2023eo230346] [Journal Article/Letter]

Soto Ramos, I. M., B. Crooke, B. Seegers, et al. I. Cetinić, M. K. Cambazoglu, and B. Armstrong. 2023. "Spatial and temporal characterization of cyanobacteria blooms in the Mississippi Sound and their relationship to the Bonnet Carré Spillway openings." Harmful Algae. 127 102472 [10.1016/j.hal.2023.102472] [Journal Article/Letter]

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