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2019 Arctic Sea Ice Minimum Tied for Second Lowest On Record

Arctic sea ice likely reached its 2019 minimum extent on Sept. 7, the fourth lowest summertime extent in the satellite record, according to NASA and the National Snow and Ice Data Center.

Smoke Blankets Borneo

Fires burning in peat deposits in Indonesia release gases and particles that have consequences for public health and the climate.

Philippine Airborne Campaign Targets Weather, Climate Science

NASA's P-3 science aircraft soared above the Manila skyline on Monday to begin a nearly two-month-long investigation into how smoke from fires changes clouds, a key factor in improving weather and climate forecasts.

Warm Weather Brings Major Melting to Greenland

Melting was provoked by a bubble of warm air that moved over Greenland after delivering unseasonably warm temperatures to Europe.

Arctic Fires Fill the Skies with Soot

Fires in Alaska, Siberia, and Greenland have emitted large amounts of black carbon this summer.

Siberian Smoke Reaches U.S., Canada

The smoke from the fires in Siberia that were highlighted in the fire and smoke update from July 30, 2019 has spread into Alaska and parts of the west coast of Canada.

A Second Scorching Heatwave in Europe

One month after experiencing record-breaking temperatures, Europe again is sweltering under a heatwave. And this one is more intense.

Tracking Smoke From Fires to Improve Air Quality Forecasting

NASA and NOAA kicked off a months-long airborne investigation into the life cycles of smoke from fires in the United States for improved forecasting and for better understanding their impact on weather and climate.

Historic Heat in Alaska

Record-breaking heat has exacerbated clusters of wildfires burning throughout the state.

Heatwave Scorches Europe

The heat has broken temperature records in several parts of the continent.

Final ACT-America Flights Target Summer Greenhouse Gases

As families across the country take to the sky to kick off well-earned summer vacations, a group of scientists from NASA and academia is taking to the sky, too — but this is no vacation.

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center Celebrates 60 Years

On May 1, 1959, the Beltsville Space Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, was renamed NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in honor of Robert H. Goddard, widely considered the father of modern rocketry. Thus began a 60-year boom in science and technological innovation.

NASA Celebrates Earth Day with Social Media, Public Events

This Earth Day, April 22, NASA invites you to celebrate our beautiful home planet by participating in a global social media event and local events around the country.

Picture Earth for Earth Day 2019

For Earth Day 2019, NASA invites you to celebrate the planet we call home with our #PictureEarth social media event.

NASA Invites Media to 57th Annual Robert H. Goddard Memorial Symposium

Media are invited to the 57th Robert H. Goddard Memorial Symposium on March 20-21.

New NASA Book Shares Beauty of Earth from Space

NASA’s new 168-page book “Earth,” a collection of dramatic images captured by Earth-observing satellites, is available now in hardcover and ebook, and online with interactive features.

Arctic Weather Plunges into North America

The culprit is a familiar one: the polar vortex.

Camp Fire Spreads Foul Air in California

People in Northern California and the Central Valley are coughing because of the noxious smoke.

African Smoke-Cloud Connection Target of NASA Airborne Flights

The ORACLES mission is gathering data on how aerosols such as smoke affect clouds and in turn Earth's climate.

Rosa’s Rainfall

Remnants of Hurricane Rosa delivered heavy rain and caused flash floods in northwestern Mexico and the U.S. Southwest.

The Complex Evolution of Florence’s Winds

The hurricane is among the longest-lived cyclones of 2018, and the storm’s winds had plenty of time to rage and ease as they ran into different environmental conditions.

Just Another Day on Aerosol Earth

Take a deep breath. Even if the air looks clear, it is nearly certain that you will inhale millions of solid particles and liquid droplets.

NASA Goddard’s Science Jamboree Connects Disciplines and Interns

The Goddard Science Jamboree provides an opportunity for interns and senior scientists alike to learn more about the science happening in other disciplines in one room.

Here Comes the Saharan Dust

The Sahara Desert, the Caribbean, and Texas may be several thousand miles apart, but a massive cloud of dust connected these places in late June 2018.

NASA Scientist to Discuss 'Mapping the Blue Marble: Using Space-Based Observations for Improved Global Water Security and Sustainability' at Library of Congress Lecture

The public is invited to a free talk called 'Mapping the Blue Marble: Using Space-Based Observations for Improved Global Water Security and Sustainability,' with Dr. John Bolten.
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