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Schmidt Comments on 2021 Nobel Prize in Physics

Gavin Schmidt (611) spoke with several media outlets regarding on the 2021 Nobel Prize winners in Physics.

• Wall Street Journal (Robert Lee Hotz and Benjamin Katz) in the article "Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded to Trio for Study of Climate Change, Complex Systems"
• Bloomberg (Eric Roston) in the article "The Nobel Prize Is a Lagging Indicator of Climate Change"
• ABC NEWS (David Keyton and Seth Borenstein) in the article "Physics Nobel rewards work on climate change, other forces"

Schmidt Featured on AccuWeather

Gavin Schmidt (611) was interviewed by Melissa Constnazer from AccuWeather for the feature ‘People have many different routes: ‘Climate scientist calls for action.’

GISS Megadrought Study Featured on ABC10 News

Benjamin Cook (611) was interviewed by ABC-10 for the featured news article “Megadroughts more likely in the Western U.S. even with strict emissions control” regarding a new study by GISS scientists indicating longer, hotter droughts are more likely in Western United States.

IPCC Report, the Dixie Fire, Extreme Weather and More

GISS scientists have been responding to multiple media inquiries regarding the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, wildfires, drought, extreme weather, and the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC). Media outlets included The Verge, The New York Times, National Geographic, Reuters, The Washington Post, Science Magazine, The New Republic, The Atlantic, and others.

Science Article Highlights Models and IPCC Report

Gavin Schmidt (611) was featured in Science Magazine’s article, ‘U.N. climate panel confronts implausibly hot forecasts of future warming’ by Paul Vonsen.

NASA's Curious Universe Podcast

With Earth’s recent record-breaking temperatures, the pace of sea level rise has accelerated. NASA scientists take us on a trip into their research right here on our home planet. Join us as we fly over Antarctic ice sheets and consult with orbiting satellites on this exploration of our changing Earth.

GISS Interns Named 2021 John Mather Nobel Scholars

GISS interns Madeline Casas and Lana Tilke were awarded as John Mather Nobel Scholars for 2021 by the John and Jane Mather Foundation for Science and the Arts in partnership with the National Space Grant Foundation. Casas is currently working on the project “Analysis of Climate Model Simulations,”mentored by Gavin Schmidt (611). Tilke is working on the project “Exploring the Dynamics of Exoplanetary Atmospheres and Oceans with ROCKE-3D,” mentored by Michael Way (611).

Braneon Receives AXA Award for Climate Science

Congratulations to climate impacts researcher Dr. Christian Braneon of NASA's GISS and of Columbia University's Earth Institute CCSR for receiving a 2021 AXA Award for Climate Science. Dr. Braneon’s award was specifically for his contribution to understanding climate change impacts on urban, agriculture and natural systems as well as climate justice.

Scientific American references GISS Venus climate modeling

A feature article in Scientific American about NASA's plans for newly announced future missions to Venus gives a namecheck to Michael Way (611) and to GISS's work on modeling paleo-Venus climates

Science Features Work by Way and Del Genio

Research by Dr. Michael Way (611) and Dr. Anthony Del Genio (611/Emeritus) was featured in the Science magazine’s article “Was Venus once a good home for life? NASA missions aim to find out” by Paul Voosen.

Schmidt Gives Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society Keynote

Dr. Gavin Schmidt was the keynote speaker for this year's Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society's annual meeting. The keynote was the public lecture "Can Climate Modeling Keep Up with Climate Change?"

Gizmodo Article Highlights Work by GISS Scientists

Gizmodo’s “An Ancient Supervolcano May Have Zapped the Ozone Layer, Exposing Early Humans to Intense Sunburns” cited recent research by GISS scientists Kostas Tsigaridis (611/CU), Allegra N. LeGrande (611), and Susanne E. Bauer (611/CU).

Schmidt Quoted by Sky News

The Daily Climate Show, Sky News's daily prime time broadcast addressing climate change, recently featured Dr. Gavin Schmidt and other scientists discussing long-term global temperature trends.

Division Scientists Provide ARSET Training

The Applied Remote Sensing Training (ARSET) program completed its longest (six part) bilingual series, "Satellite Observations and Tools for Fire Risk, Detection, and Analysis." The training covered the use of Earth observations pre-fire (fire types, conditions, and fire danger), during-fire (thermal anomalies and smoke mapping), and post-fire (burned area, landscape changes, and regrowth), and the content spanned air quality, disasters, and land applications. The course instructors were Melanie Follette-Cook (614/MSU), Pawan Gupta, Amita Mehta (612/UMBC), Erika Podest, Sean McCartney (610/SSAI), Juan Torres-Pérez, Zach Bengtsson, Robert Field (611/CU), and Ana Prados (614/UMBC); and guest presenters Elijah Orland (617/USRA) and Blanca Rios. Brock Blevins (614/SSAI), Selwyn Hudson-Odoi (612/UMBC), David Barbato (614/UMBC) and Jonathan O’Brien (614/SSAI) supported the training. There were 2,544 attendees from 110 countries and 47 US states. Approximately 1,200 unique organizations were represented.
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Cook Addresses Drought with Mother Jones

Benjamin Cook (611) was featured along with other drought scientists in the Mother Jones’s article “Could American be Headed for Another Dust Bowl?”

GISS Scientists Select Best Paper of 2020

Scientists at NASA/GISS have voted the article “GISS-E2.1: Configurations and climatology” by Max Kelley et al. as the top work among 175 research publications by institute staff published in 2020. The paper appeared in the Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems. Runners-up included "Antarctic glacial melt as a driver of recent Southern Ocean climate trends" by Craig Rye et al. and "Historical (1850-2014) aerosol evolution and role on climate forcing using the GISS ModelE2.1 contribution to CMIP6" by Susanne Bauer et al.

CNN's Citizen Segment on Climate

Gavin Schmidt (611) was featured on CNN’s Citizen segment hosted by Bill Weir to discuss the current state of the global climate crisis.

Schmidt Discusses the Problem with Pessimism

Gavin Schmidt (611) was interviewed by Alex French for Fatherly's article “NASA’s Top Climatologist Gavin Schmidt on the Problem with Pessimism.”

Earth Month at Goddard Begins April 1

Photo of Jim Irons and Gavin SchmidtBeginning April 1, the Goddard Earth Sciences Division will host Earth Month at Goddard – a series of events throughout April featuring some of the center’s world-renowned experts in Earth science.

The first event will feature Earth Sciences Director Dr. James R. Irons and Goddard Institute for Space Studies Chief Dr. Gavin A. Schmidt on Thursday, April 1, from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. ET as they present “Don’t forget the science! NASA’s contributions to climate policy.”

NASEM Space Science 2021 Public Lecture Focuses on Climate

NASA Senior Climate Advisor Gavin Schmidt delivered the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) Space Science Week 2021 Public Lecture, "Climate as Seen from Space."

Schmidt Heard on Science Friday

Gavin Schmidt (611) was recently featured in Science Friday’s “Keeping and Eye on the Climate, From Space” segment where he discussed the upcoming NASA climate-focused programs, the past week’s weather in Texas, and provided insight on making decisions regarding the uncertainties about the future of climate.

Schmidt Featured in Le Temps Article

Gavin Schmidt was featured in Le Temps “Did a reversal of the Earth's magnetic field cause the demise of the Neanderthal?”

Schmidt Discusses Winter Storm and Climate with Houston Chronicle

Gavin Schmidt (611/GISS) recently spoke with the Houston Chronicle regarding climate change factors on the recent winter storm that impacted the Houston regional area.

Hall Interviewed for The New Yorker

Timothy Hall (611) was interviewed by The New Yorker in the article entitled “When Climate Change and Xenophobia Collide.”

Hickman Interviewed for Voice of America

Jonathan Hickman (611/USRA) interviewed with Voice of America regarding trends in biomass burning and nitrogen oxides in Africa discussed a new study published in PNAS. Dr. Hickman is the lead author, and Dr. Susanne Bauer (611/GISS) and Dr. Kostas Tsigaridis (611/CU) are co-authors.

Now displaying records 1 to 25 of 89.

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