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Non-Refereed Publications

Refereed Publications for 2021

Bian, H., E. Lee, R. D. Koster, et al. D. Barahona, M. Chin, P. R. Colarco, A. Darmenov, S. Mahanama, M. Manyin, P. Norris, J. Shilling, H. Yu, and F. Zeng. 2021. "The response of the Amazon ecosystem to the photosynthetically active radiation fields: integrating impacts of biomass burning aerosol and clouds in the NASA GEOS Earth system model." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 21 (18): 14177-14197 [10.5194/acp-21-14177-2021] [Journal Article/Letter]

Bian, Q., S. Kreidenweis, J. C. Chiu, et al. S. D. Miller, X. Xu, J. Wang, R. Kahn, J. A. Limbacher, L. A. Remer, and R. C. Levy. 2021. "Constraining aerosol phase function using dual‐view geostationary satellites." Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. 126: [10.1029/2021jd035209] [Journal Article/Letter]

Bilal, M., A. Mhawish, J. E. Nichol, et al. Z. Qiu, M. Nazeer, M. A. Ali, G. de Leeuw, R. C. Levy, Y. Wang, Y. Chen, L. Wang, Y. Shi, M. P. Bleiweiss, U. Mazhar, L. Atique, and S. Ke. 2021. "Air pollution scenario over Pakistan: Characterization and ranking of extremely polluted cities using long-term concentrations of aerosols and trace gases." Remote Sensing of Environment. 264: 112617 (In Press) [10.1016/j.rse.2021.112617] [Journal Article/Letter]

Bolvin, D. T., G. J. Huffman, E. J. Nelkin, and J. Tan. 2021. "Comparison of Monthly IMERG Precipitation Estimates with PACRAIN Atoll Observations." Journal of Hydrometeorology. 22 (7): 1745-1753 [10.1175/jhm-d-20-0202.1] [Journal Article/Letter]

Buchholz, R. R., H. M. Worden, M. Park, et al. G. Francis, M. N. Deeter, D. P. Edwards, L. K. Emmons, B. Gaubert, J. Gille, S. Martínez-Alonso, W. Tang, R. Kumar, J. R. Drummond, C. Clerbaux, M. George, P.-F. Coheur, D. Hurtmans, K. W. Bowman, M. Luo, V. H. Payne, J. R. Worden, M. Chin, R. C. Levy, J. Warner, Z. Wei, and S. S. Kulawik. 2021. "Air pollution trends measured from Terra: CO and AOD over industrial, fire-prone, and background regions." Remote Sensing of Environment. 256: 112275 [10.1016/j.rse.2020.112275] [Journal Article/Letter]

Cawse-Nicholson, K., P. A. Townsend, D. Schimel, et al. A. M. Assiri, P. L. Blake, M. F. Buongiorno, P. Campbell, N. Carmon, K. A. Casey, R. E. Correa-Pabón, K. M. Dahlin, H. Dashti, P. E. Dennison, H. Dierssen, A. Erickson, J. B. Fisher, R. Frouin, C. K. Gatebe, H. Gholizadeh, M. Gierach, N. F. Glenn, J. A. Goodman, D. M. Griffith, L. Guild, C. R. Hakkenberg, E. J. Hochberg, T. R. Holmes, C. Hu, G. Hulley, K. F. Huemmrich, R. M. Kudela, R. F. Kokaly, C. M. Lee, R. Martin, C. E. Miller, W. J. Moses, F. E. Muller-Karger, J. D. Ortiz, D. B. Otis, N. Pahlevan, T. H. Painter, R. Pavlick, B. Poulter, Y. Qi, V. J. Realmuto, D. Roberts, M. E. Schaepman, F. D. Schneider, F. M. Schwandner, S. P. Serbin, A. N. Shiklomanov, E. N. Stavros, D. R. Thompson, J. L. Torres-Perez, K. R. Turpie, M. Tzortziou, S. Ustin, Q. Yu, Y. Yusup, and Q. Zhang. 2021. "NASA's surface biology and geology designated observable: A perspective on surface imaging algorithms." Remote Sensing of Environment. 257: 112349 [10.1016/j.rse.2021.112349] [Journal Article/Letter]

Chen, T., Z. Li, R. A. Kahn, et al. C. Zhao, D. Rosenfeld, J. Guo, W. Han, and D. Chen. 2021. "Potential impact of aerosols on convective clouds revealed by Himawari-8 observations over different terrain types in eastern China." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 21 (8): 6199-6220 [10.5194/acp-21-6199-2021] [Journal Article/Letter]

Cho, N., J. Tan, and L. Oreopoulos. 2021. "Classifying planetary cloudiness with an updated set of MODIS Cloud Regimes." Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology. [10.1175/jamc-d-20-0247.1] [Journal Article/Letter]

Choi, M., S. P. Sander, R. J. Spurr, et al. T. J. Pongetti, G. van Harten, B. J. Drouin, D. J. Diner, D. Crisp, A. Eldering, O. V. Kalashnikova, J. H. Jiang, J. J. Hyon, and D. Fu. 2021. "Aerosol profiling using radiometric and polarimetric spectral measurements in the O2 near infrared bands: Estimation of information content and measurement uncertainties." Remote Sensing of Environment. 253: 112179 [10.1016/j.rse.2020.112179] [Journal Article/Letter]

Delgado‐Bonal, A., A. Marshak, Y. Yang, and L. Oreopoulos. 2021. "Global daytime variability of clouds from DSCOVR/EPIC observations." Geophysical Research Letters. 48: [10.1029/2020gl091511] [Journal Article/Letter]

deSouza, P. N., P. A. Oriama, P. P. Pedersen, et al. S. Horstmann, L. Gordillo-Dagallier, C. Christensen, C. O. Franck, R. Ayah, R. Kahn, J. Klopp, K. Messier, and P. L. Kinney. 2021. "Spatial variation of fine particulate matter levels in Nairobi before and during the COVID-19 curfew: Implications for environmental justice." Environmental Research Communications. [10.1088/2515-7620/ac1214] [Journal Article/Letter]

Flower, V. J., and R. A. Kahn. 2021. "Twenty years of NASA-EOS multi-sensor satellite observations at Kīlauea volcano (2000–2019)." Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research. 415: 107247 [10.1016/j.jvolgeores.2021.107247] [Journal Article/Letter]

Fromm, M. D., G. P. Kablick, D. A. Peterson, et al. R. A. Kahn, V. J. Flower, and C. J. Seftor. 2021. "Quantifying the source term and uniqueness of the 12 August 2017 Pacific Northwest pyroCb event." Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. 126 (e2021JD034928): [10.1029/2021jd034928] [Journal Article/Letter]

Gatebe, C. K., H. Jethva, R. Gautam, R. Poudyal, and T. Várnai. 2021. "A new measurement approach for validating satellite-based above-cloud aerosol optical depth." Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 14 (2): 1405-1423 [10.5194/amt-14-1405-2021] [Journal Article/Letter]

Gong, J., D. L. Wu, and P. Eriksson. 2021. "The first global 883 GHz cloud ice survey: IceCube Level 1 data calibration, processing and analysis." Earth System Science Data Discussion. [10.5194/essd-2021-101] [Journal Article/Letter]

Guilloteau, C., E. Foufoula-Georgiou, P. Kirstetter, J. Tan, and G. J. Huffman. 2021. "How well do multi-satellite products capture the space-time dynamics of precipitation? Part I: five products assessed via a wavenumber-frequency decomposition." Journal of Hydrometeorology. (In Press) [10.1175/jhm-d-21-0075.1] [Journal Article/Letter]

Hammer, M. S., A. van Donkelaar, R. V. Martin, et al. E. E. McDuffie, A. Lyapustin, A. M. Sayer, N. C. Hsu, R. C. Levy, M. J. Garay, O. V. Kalashnikova, and R. A. Kahn. 2021. "Effects of COVID-19 lockdowns on fine particulate matter concentrations." Science Advances. 7 (26): eabg7670 [10.1126/sciadv.abg7670] [Journal Article/Letter]

He, H., R. J. Kramer, and B. J. Soden. 2021. "Evaluating Observational Constraints on Intermodel Spread in Cloud, Temperature and Humidity Feedbacks." Geophysical Research Letters. [10.1029/2020gl092309] [Journal Article/Letter]

Huff, A. K., S. Kondragunta, H. Zhang, et al. I. Laszlo, M. Zhou, V. Caicedo, R. Delgado, and R. Levy. 2021. "Tracking Smoke from a Prescribed Fire and its Impacts on Local Air Quality using Temporally Resolved GOES-16 ABI Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD)." Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology. [10.1175/jtech-d-20-0162.1] [Journal Article/Letter]

Jin, D., L. Oreopoulos, D. Lee, J. Tan, and N. Cho. 2021. "Cloud-Precipitation Hybrid Regimes and their Projection onto IMERG Precipitation Data." Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology. 60 (6): 733-748 [10.1175/jamc-d-20-0253.1] [Journal Article/Letter]

Kim, M., S. H. Kim, W. V. Kim, et al. Y. G. Lee, J. Kim, and M. C. Kafatos. 2021. "Assessment of Aerosol optical depth under background and polluted conditions using AERONET and VIIRS datasets." Atmospheric Environment. 245: 117994 [10.1016/j.atmosenv.2020.117994] [Journal Article/Letter]

Knobelspiesse, K., A. Ibrahim, B. Franz, et al. S. Bailey, R. Levy, Z. Ahmad, J. Gales, M. Gao, M. Garay, S. Anderson, and O. Kalashnikova. 2021. "Analysis of simultaneous aerosol and ocean glint retrieval using multi-angle observations." Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 14: 3233-3252 [10.5194/amt-14-3233-2021] [Journal Article/Letter]

Kostinski, A., A. Marshak, and T. Várnai. 2021. "Deep Space Observations of Terrestrial Glitter." Earth and Space Science. 8 (2): 2020EA001521 [10.1029/2020ea001521] [Journal Article/Letter]

Kramer, R. J., H. He, B. J. Soden, et al. L. Oreopoulos, G. Myhre, P. M. Forster, and C. J. Smith. 2021. "Observational evidence of increasing global radiative forcing." Geophysical Research Letters. 48 (7): e2020GL091585 [10.1029/2020gl091585] [Journal Article/Letter]

Lu, X., Y. Hu, Y. Yang, et al. M. Vaughan, S. Palm, C. Trepte, A. Omar, P. Lucker, and R. Baize. 2021. "Enabling value added scientific applications of ICESat‐2 data with effective removal of afterpulses." Earth and Space Science. [10.1029/2021ea001729] [Journal Article/Letter]

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Now displaying records 1 to 25 of 45.

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Non-Refereed Publications

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