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From Russia with Aerosols

Unusually intense fires in Russia sent smoke half-way around the world.

The Water is Wider

A new map of the world’s rivers and their widths shows that surface waterways are collectively wider and cover more area than previously thought.

Cape Town’s Reservoirs Rebound

After nearly running out of water in early 2018, the city’s reservoirs are being replenished by rain, conservation efforts, and engineering fixes.

One Year Adrift, but Not Far

In July 2017, a huge iceberg dramatically broke away from the Larsen C Ice Shelf on the Antarctic Peninsula. But the aftermath has been a bit more drawn-out, as the berg hasn’t moved very far.

Churning in the Chukchi Sea

Regardless of the amount of winter ice cover, the waters off of the Alaskan coast usually come alive each spring with blooms of phytoplankton.

Fires in a Dry, Hot Colorado Summer

Dry, hot conditions in Colorado helped lead to the state’s third-largest wildfire in history.

Hail Cuts Swaths of Damage Across South Dakota

When thunderstorms drive hail and strong winds over crops and grasslands, they can draw long scars across the landscape.

Severe Rainfall and Flooding in Japan

After being soaked in just a few days with double the amount of rain that falls in a normal July, parts of Japan are facing their worst flooding disaster in 35 years.

Satellites Investigate Irrigation in a Stressed Aquifer

The High Plains Aquifer, also known as the Ogallala Aquifer, is under stress.

Makgadikgadi Salt Pans

Northeast of Africa’s Kalahari Desert and southeast of the Okavango Delta lies one of the largest salt pans in the world. It was once the site of one of the largest inland seas on Earth.

Volcanic Mood Rings

From milky white to vibrant turquoise to blood red, the three lakes at the summit of the Kelimutu volcano are known to unpredictably change color.

County Fire Lights Up the Night

As smoke streamed toward San Francisco, more than 1,000 fire personnel were at the scene fighting the blaze.

Colonial National Historical Park

The colonial communities of “America’s historic triangle” played defining roles in the road to American independence.

Here Comes the Saharan Dust

The Sahara Desert, the Caribbean, and Texas may be several thousand miles apart, but a massive cloud of dust connected these places in late June 2018.

Air Pollution on the Move in India

In recent decades, northern India has been plagued by a double-dose of air pollution due to nearby sources of desert dust and increasing amounts of airborne particles from human activities.

Emilia (Eastern Pacific Ocean)

NASA infrared data reveals Tropical Storm Emilia is strengthening.

Going, Going, Gone: Summer's Arrival Clears Ice from Krasnoye Lake

Krasnoye Lake, located along the lower course of the Anadyr River in northeastern Siberia, has long attracted the attention of geologists, geographers, and archaeologists.

Losing Ice in Svalbard

Several tidewater glaciers in the southern part of Spitsbergen are retreating because of rising air temperatures.

A Slice of Glory

If you have ever seen a series of concentric rings of color near a mist or fog, you have likely seen a glory.

Massive Amounts of Rain in Michigan

In a matter of hours on June 17, 2018, torrential rains transformed parts of Michigan into a “state of disaster.”

Martian Dust Storm Grows Global: Curiosity Captures Photos of Thickening Haze

A storm of tiny dust particles has engulfed much of Mars over the last two weeks. NASA's Curiosity rover, which has been studying Martian soil at Gale Crater, is expected to remain largely unaffected by the dust.

Hazardous Pre-Monsoon Dust Pollution

The most intense dust storms usually occur just before monsoon season. But this year has been worse than usual.

The Meandering Estuaries of Guinea–Bissau

Estuaries near the coast of Guinea–Bissau branch out like a network of roots from a plant.

Rain Soaks the Empty Quarter

It is rare for rainwater to form lakes in this part of the desert, which is known as the “Empty Quarter.”

Waves of Dust Over the Red Sea

In June 2018, winds lofted dust from the Sahara Desert and carried it over the Red Sea.
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