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Smoke Blankets Borneo

Fires burning in peat deposits in Indonesia release gases and particles that have consequences for public health and the climate.

Marine Heat Wave Returns to the Northeast Pacific

The warm surface water this summer was caused by an unusual and persistent weather pattern.

Satellite Data Record Shows Climate Change's Impact on Fires

While every fire needs a spark to ignite and fuel to burn, it's the hot and dry conditions in the atmosphere that determine the likelihood of a fire starting, its intensity and the speed at which it spreads. Over the past several decades, as the world has increasingly warmed, so has its potential to burn.

Seasonal Fires are Burning in Angola

Fire season peaks every August in some parts of southern Africa.

Fire Burns in Paraguay, Bolivia, and Brazil

Since the beginning of August 2019, NASA satellites have observed fires burning near the border of Bolivia, Paraguay, and Brazil.

Uptick in Amazon Fire Activity in 2019

Satellites have detected an increase in fire activity early in the 2019 dry season in the southern Amazon

Philippine Airborne Campaign Targets Weather, Climate Science

NASA's P-3 science aircraft soared above the Manila skyline on Monday to begin a nearly two-month-long investigation into how smoke from fires changes clouds, a key factor in improving weather and climate forecasts.

Amazonian Fires Continue Shrouding South America in Smoke

Smoke from the fires raging in in the Amazon basin is clearly visible across much of the center of South America.

Sampling the Castle Fire

Researchers are flying through wildfire smoke to learn about the molecules lingering inside its plume.

Building a Long-Term Record of Fire

Scientists have answered some important questions about how fires vary around the world and are changing over time.

Fire Races Across Gran Canaria

The fire is tearing through pine forests in mountainous terrain on the second most populous of the Canary Islands.

Flying through a Fire Cloud

A rare flight through a thunderstorm triggered by a wildfire has atmospheric scientists buzzing.

A New Global Fire Atlas

The satellite-based atlas includes information about more than 13 million fires.

New Map Shows Risk of Sunburn Across the U.S.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is using NASA data to help the public better understand their UV exposure.

NASA, NOAA Announce Opportunity for Media to Preview Airborne Air Quality Study

Media are invited to a behind-the-scenes look at the second phase of a major field campaign to study the impacts of U.S. wildfires and agricultural fires on air quality and climate.

Warm Weather Brings Major Melting to Greenland

Melting was provoked by a bubble of warm air that moved over Greenland after delivering unseasonably warm temperatures to Europe.

Arctic Fires Fill the Skies with Soot

Fires in Alaska, Siberia, and Greenland have emitted large amounts of black carbon this summer.

Siberian Smoke Reaches U.S., Canada

The smoke from the fires in Siberia that were highlighted in the fire and smoke update from July 30, 2019 has spread into Alaska and parts of the west coast of Canada.

Siberian Smoke Heading Towards U.S. and Canada

Fires in the Siberian area of Russia are usually quite severe by this time of year and 2019 is no exception.

NASA Tracks Wildfires From Above to aid Firefighters Below

Every evening from late spring to early fall, two planes lift off from airports in the western United States and fly through the sunset, each headed for an active wildfire, and then another, and another.

A Second Scorching Heatwave in Europe

One month after experiencing record-breaking temperatures, Europe again is sweltering under a heatwave. And this one is more intense.

Tracking Smoke From Fires to Improve Air Quality Forecasting

NASA and NOAA kicked off a months-long airborne investigation into the life cycles of smoke from fires in the United States for improved forecasting and for better understanding their impact on weather and climate.

Another Fire in Greenland

Nearly two years after a rare wildfire in western Greenland, satellites spotted new smoke plumes streaming from the same region.

Historic Heat in Alaska

Record-breaking heat has exacerbated clusters of wildfires burning throughout the state.

Smoke from Canadian Fires Drifts Into United States

Canada has been battling a very active and destructive fire season on multiple fronts this year.
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