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The Geologic Wonder of the Neuquén Basin

The distinctive sedimentary rock formations in west-central Argentina make for a geological and paleontological wonderland.

Smart Phones Bring Smart Irrigation

A project using NASA satellite data helps reduce overwatering and enhances crop yields for Pakistani farmers.

Glacier Flour in Greenland Skies

Satellites captured a rare image of a plume of dusty glacial flour streaming from eastern Greenland.

Lights Out in Michael’s Wake

The powerful storm knocked out power across the southeast U.S., as seen by a NOAA-NASA satellite.

Autumn Comes to Ogden

Deciduous trees in northern Utah paint the mountains in shades of red, orange, yellow, and purple.

African Smoke-Cloud Connection Target of NASA Airborne Flights

The ORACLES mission is gathering data on how aerosols such as smoke affect clouds and in turn Earth's climate.

Verity Flower Uses Satellite Data to Study Volcanoes

I’m the resident volcanologist in our lab. I use satellite data to study volcanic eruptions.

Flood Basalts on Mars and Iceland

A team of NASA scientists headed to Holuhraun because the volcano has geologic cousins on Mars.

An Outflow Boundary—Not a Jellyfish—Over Africa

The peculiar curved shape of this cloud over Mali is the product of a phenomenon associated with thunderstorms.

Early Warnings for Crop Failures

he Crop Monitor for Early Warning provides scientific alerts for countries that may be in danger of low crop yields.

Rosa’s Rainfall

Remnants of Hurricane Rosa delivered heavy rain and caused flash floods in northwestern Mexico and the U.S. Southwest.

Devastation in Palu After Earthquake, Tsunami

Sobering satellite views reveal massive damage on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.

Landslides in Hokkaido

A powerful earthquake triggered hundreds of landslides on the Japanese island.

Severnaya Zemlya Archipelago

About half of this archipelago in the Russian high Arctic is covered in ice.

Typhoon Trami Takes Aim at Japan

As the storm turns toward Japan, the country’s meteorological agency warns of the potential for heavy winds, rain, landslides, and flooding.

Urban Growth of New Delhi

The capital of India, New Delhi, has been experiencing one of the fastest urban expansions in the world.

Activity at Krakatau

Ash from the Indonesian volcano streamed over the Sunda Strait.

Dirty Ice in Foxe Basin

Sea ice that has been tinged brown is common in this part of the Canadian Arctic.

Fires ablaze in northeastern Utah

Two lightning-caused fires have burned over 100,000 acres and are still yet to be fully contained.

Recovering from Hurricane Maria

Forests are on the path to recovery even as many roofs remain damaged.

A Broad View of Flooding in the Carolinas

Rivers swelled from the torrential rains of Hurricane Florence.

Florence Inundates the Carolinas

As the Carolinas flood from Hurricane Florence, NASA is providing valuable information for rescue and recovery efforts.

Typhoon Mangkhut Reaches Luzon

The super typhoon made landfall on the northernmost island in the Philippine archipelago.

The Complex Evolution of Florence’s Winds

The hurricane is among the longest-lived cyclones of 2018, and the storm’s winds had plenty of time to rage and ease as they ran into different environmental conditions.

Florence Crossing Warm Waters on the Way to the Carolinas

Forecasters expect the major hurricane to get a boost of energy from the Gulf Stream.
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