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Waves of Dust Over the Red Sea

In June 2018, winds lofted dust from the Sahara Desert and carried it over the Red Sea.

Lava Consumes Vacationland and Kapoho Bay

On June 3, 2018, lava from fissure 8 reached the ocean at Kapoho Bay on Hawaii’s southeast coast.

Intensifying Drought in the American Southwest

Much of the U.S. Southwest is heading into summer in the throes of a persistent and ever-more severe drought.

Dry Season Fires in Australia

Fire is ubiquitous during Northern Territory’s dry season, which runs from April to December.

Dirty, Crevassed Glaciers in Alaska

Over the years, scientists have captured spectacular photographs while mapping ice during NASA’s Operation IceBridge mission.

A Manmade Volcano over Norilsk

In global satellite observations of sulfur dioxide (SO2), several sources of the polluting gas stand out.

20 Years of Earth Data Now at Your Fingertips

Powerful Earth-observing instruments aboard NASA’s Terra and Aqua satellites, launched in 1999 and 2002, respectively, have observed nearly two decades of planetary change.

A Deadly Eruption Rocks Guatemala

Fuego in Guatemala is one of Central America’s most active volcanoes.

Powerful Dust Storms in Western Asia

On May 28, 2018, a series of potent dust storms swept across Iran, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

Pollutant Emissions Leveling Off a Bit in the U.S.

The air we breathe today in the United States is much cleaner than it was in the 1960s and 70s.

Fire Marches Across the Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta in northern Botswana is one of the world’s largest inland deltas. It is known for its annual flooding. But just as water makes a regular appearance, so too does fire.

An Eye-Catching Circle of Cloud

This circular swirl of clouds drifted over Lake Balkhash in eastern Kazakhstan.

Weeks of Extreme Weather in India

India has been hit by a streak of unusually intense thunderstorms, dust storms, and lightning so far in 2018.

Cyclone Duo Hits the Middle East

ithin the span of one week, two tropical cyclones barreled down on the Middle East.

Kerry Meyer - Looking At Clouds From Both Sides Now

Kerry Meyer studies clouds by determining how aerosols and clouds interact, how the Earth’s atmosphere changes over time, and how clouds and oceans interact.

West Coast Panorama

When it comes to satellite views of Earth, closer is not always better.

Sweltering, Smoky Fires in Siberia

Intense fires have been raging in far eastern Russia, spreading aerosols as far as North America.

Kilauea Continues to Erupt

Though the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii has been erupting continuously since 1983, the eruption took a dangerous turn on May 3, 2018, when several new fissures emerged in a residential neighborhood.

Flower Power in the Netherlands

Every year, seven million flower bulbs are planted in Keukenhof Garden in the Netherlands. The colorful floral spectrum can also be seen from space.

Probing Kilauea’s Plume

Lava is just one part of a volcanic eruption. Volcanoes also emit plumes of gases and particles from active vents.

Tiny Satellite's First Global Map of Ice Clouds

A tiny satellite captures the first global picture of ice clouds, the tiny frozen particles inside mid altitude clouds.

A Seldom Seen South American Cyclone

An extremely rare cyclone formed in early May 2018 about 160 kilometers (100 miles) off the coast of Chile—an area that almost never sees tropical cyclones.

Dramatic Flooding in Eastern Africa

Hundreds of thousands of people in eastern Africa have been affected by heavy rains and devastating floods in April and May, especially near the Shebelle and Jubba rivers.

Spring Flooding Along the St. John River

n springtime, the combination of melting snow and heavy rainfall can lead to dangerous inland flooding in New Brunswick, a maritime province on the east coast of Canada.

Spring Color in the North Sea

Warm air and sunlight also beget warmer ocean waters and provoke blooms of the “grass of the sea”—phytoplankton.
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