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Eruption at La Soufrière

Explosive activity has propelled ash and gas high into the air over the Caribbean islands of Saint Vincent and Barbados.

NASA’s 2021 Virtual Earth Day Event – Online, April 21–24

NASA’s 2021 Virtual Earth Day Event – Online, April 21–24 You’re invited to NASA’s 2021 Virtual Earth Day Event, held April 21-24. Registration is FREE and open to the public!

Early Season Dust Storm Hits Beijing

Meteorological spring is just getting underway, and already an enormous plume of sand and dust has blanketed northern China.

NASA, LAPAN Launch Ozonesonde From Indonesian Site for 1st Time in 8 Years

On Jan. 27, scientists on an island in Indonesia launched a weather balloon carrying an ozonesonde – an instrument that measures ozone throughout the layers of Earth's atmosphere. This was the first ozonesonde launch at the site since 2013.

Saharan Dust Heading for Europe

A substantial dust plume drifted over the Atlantic Ocean, with some of the airborne grains steering toward the northeast.

NASA-funded Network Tracks the Recent Rise and Fall of Ozone Depleting Pollutants

A short-lived resurgence in the emission of ozone depleting pollutants in eastern China will not significantly delay the recovery of Earth's protective "sunscreen" layer, according to new research published Feb. 10 in Nature.

Another Dusty Day in Chad

Winds frequently whip up the dust from Chad’s lowest point, but those particles may not fertilize the Amazon as much as scientists once thought.

Heliophysics Hackweek 2020 Coronal Holes Team Publishes Results at NeurIPS 2020

Helio Hackweek 2020 “Coronal Holes” team members and other hackweek participants continued their collaboration and published a paper and poster of their results at the 34th Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems. “SEARCH: SEgmentation of polAR Coronal Holes,” was published at the Machine Learning and the Physical Sciences Workshop.

NASA Discoveries, R&D, Moon to Mars Exploration Plans Persevere in 2020

"NASA has impressed the nation with our resilience and persistence during the pandemic," said NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine.

NASA Goddard’s AI Center of Excellence Connects Scientists and Engineers to the Latest Advances in Artificial Intelligence

The mission of the AI Center of Excellence is to enable new AI techniques for scientific discovery, providing scientists within NASA Goddard and their partners beyond NASA with resources for increased collaboration, innovation, and co-learning.

NCCS, CISTO, and Partners Present Advances at Virtual AGU Fall Meeting

Researchers from the NASA Center for Climate Simulation (NCCS), its parent Computational Information & Sciences and Technology Office (CISTO), NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, and university partner organizations are participating in the Scientific Program at the 2020 American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting, being held online 1–17 Dec 2020.

A Busy Season for Crop Fires in Northwestern India

Burning leftover straw after the rice harvest has once again blanketed the region with smoke.

Large, Deep Antarctic Ozone Hole Persisting into November

Persistent cold temperatures and strong circumpolar winds, also known as the polar vortex, supported the formation of a large and deep Antarctic ozone hole that should persist into November, NOAA and NASA scientists reported today.

NASA and NOAA Scientists Develop Method to Create Continuous Ozone Climate Data Record

To help scientists monitor Earth's stratospheric ozone for years to come, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and NOAA Earth System Research Laboratories researchers used the NASA Center for Climate Simulation (NCCS) Discover supercomputer to create consistency between two satellite ozone datasets.

Talking Blue Skies with the U.N. Environment Programme

Air pollution is the single greatest environmental risk to human health, and one of the main avoidable causes of death and disease globally, according to the United Nation’s Environment Programme.

A Meeting of Smoke and Storms

Satellites tracked smoke from wildfires as it spanned the continental United States and followed winds around two hurricanes.

Fires Char the Pantanal

Drought-parched wetlands in South America have been burning for weeks.

NOAA/NASA Sees Dueling Disasters in Wide Angle Satellite Image

Aerosols are the focus of this image captured on Sep. 14, 2020 by NOAA/NASA's Suomi NPP satellite, but hurricanes also make an appearance around the edges.

Historic Fires Devastate the U.S. Pacific Coast

Satellite data is helping scientists size up one of the most intense outbreaks of fire and smoke that Oregon and California have seen in decades.

Siberian Smoke 2020

Most of Alaska is now covered by smoke from the Siberian Fires as it wraps around a low-pressure system.

A Dust Plume to Remember

While dust routinely blows across the Atlantic Ocean, scientists rarely see plumes as large and dense with particles as the one that darkened Caribbean skies in June 2020.

NASA-NOAA’s Suomi NPP Satellite Analyzes Saharan Dust Aerosol Blanket

Dust storms from Africa’s Saharan Desert traveling across the Atlantic Ocean are nothing new, but the current dust storm has been quite expansive and NASA satellites have provided a look at the massive June plume.

NASA Observes Large Saharan Dust Plume Over Atlantic Ocean

NASA-NOAA’s Suomi NPP satellite observed a huge Saharan dust plume streaming over the North Atlantic Ocean, beginning on June 13. Satellite data showed the dust had spread over 2,000 miles.

NASA’s SAGE III Instrument Observes Aerosol Spike from Australian Fires

The devastating southeastern Australian bushfires that started last September spewed smoke and aerosols higher into the atmosphere than some Earth-observing instruments have ever measured.

Nitrogen Dioxide Levels Rebound in China

With most lockdowns ending and economic activity resuming, levels of the air pollutant have returned to near normal for this time of year.

Now displaying records 1 to 25 of 356.

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