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Clearer View of Great Lakes Air Quality

Scientists and regulators are using satellite data and custom models from NASA to help monitor ozone pollution.

NCCS-Enabled Simulations of Massive Ancient Volcanic Eruption Show Unexpected Climate Warming

In an interdisciplinary collaboration, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center planetary and Earth scientists leveraged the Goddard Earth Observing System Chemistry-Climate Model (GEOSCCM) and the NASA Center for Climate Simulation (NCCS) to simulate an ancient, massive volcanic eruption in the Columbia River Basalt Group region of the U.S. Pacific Northw

Rocket Launches Can Create Night-Shining Clouds Away from the Poles, NASA’s AIM Mission Reveals

Near Earth’s poles, wispy, iridescent clouds often shimmer high in the summertime sky around dusk and dawn. These night-shining clouds are sometimes spotted farther from the poles as well, at a rate that varies dramatically from year to year. According to a new study using NASA’s AIM satellite, morning rocket launches are partly responsible.

Great Air Quality for the Great Lakes Region

Ozone pollution assessments made for the Great Lakes region now include NASA satellite and other near-real time Earth observations.

A Burst of Saharan Dust

A fresh supply of airborne particles took off from northwest Africa in early June 2022.

NASA Invites Media to Learn About Mission Studying Thunderstorms

NASA will host a media teleconference at 10 a.m. CDT Tuesday, June 7, to discuss research about intense summer thunderstorms over the central United States and their effects on Earth’s atmosphere and climate change. A replay of the call will be posted on the agency’s website as soon as possible.

How Aerosols Helped Untangle Carbon Monoxide Trends

Short-lived aerosols from smoke helped researchers pinpoint some of the key processes drawing levels of carbon monoxide down.

A Global Decline in Carbon Monoxide

The widespread adoption of cleaner-burning technologies and declines in fire activity over the past two decades has drawn down global levels of the pollutant.

JPSS and GOES-R Exhibit Ribbon Cutting

On May 19, 2022, the Goddard Visitor Center held a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new exhibit by the JPSS and GOES-R Series programs. Located on the outer edge of the Rocket Garden, the exhibit features an abstract kinetic sculpture with three mirrored orbs, representing the Sun, Earth and the satellites, that are activated by the wind.

Persistent Dust Storms Batter Iraq

At least eight major events have darkened skies and sickened people in the past six weeks.

Join NASA's Earth Day Event

Join us in person or virtually. Registration is open for virtual events.

Every Day is Earth Day at the NASA Center for Climate Simulation

The theme of Earth Day 2022 is “Investing in Earth.” A significant investment in understanding Earth has already been made with the creation of the NASA Center for Climate Simulation (NCCS) at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in 1990, where every day is Earth Day.

NASA Celebrates Earth Day with Every #NASAEarthling

NASA’s space exploration continues to inspire us to be better stewards of our planet and Earth Day is a great time to celebrate what we’ve done and can do to keep Earth everyone’s favorite planet in the universe.

Dusty Storm Clouds Over Europe

Long-lasting, icy cirrus clouds filled with Saharan dust covered many parts of the continent in March.

NASA Invites Media to 59th Annual Robert H. Goddard Memorial Symposium

Media are invited to meet leaders in space exploration at the 59th annual Robert H. Goddard Memorial Symposium, taking place on the campus of the University of Maryland, College Park, from March 23 to 25. Attendees also have the option to watch the symposium online.

Using the Power of Global Air Quality Models and NCCS Supercomputing Resources, NYU and NASA Collaborators Create a Novel Index to Communicate Children’s Respiratory Health Risk

New York University and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center researchers collaborated on a study developing a health index using global air quality models and the high-end computing resources of the Discover supercomputer at the NASA Center for Climate Simulation (NCCS). This index can be used to inform communities, mitigate risk, and improve respirato

No Breathing Easy for City Dwellers: Nitrogen Dioxide

A new satellite-derived global dataset links concentrations of nitrogen dioxide with cases of pediatric asthma in urban areas around the world.

NCCS Helps NASA Scientists Create New Global Ozone Profile Reaching from Earth’s Surface to the Mesosphere

With key support from the NASA Center for Climate Simulation (NCCS), NASA Goddard Space Flight Center scientists have created a new, multidecade global ozone profile climatology that reaches from Earth’s surface up to 80 kilometers (~50 miles) — far into the mesosphere, the third layer of the atmosphere.

Tonga Volcano Plume Reached the Mesosphere

The plume from Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha‘apai behaved like a mega-thunderstorm that rose 58 kilometers (38 miles) into the atmosphere.

NASA-supported Prototype Turns Earth Data into 3D Video Dashboard

NASA field campaigns return vast troves of valuable data. Sometimes, however, processing so much raw information and related satellite imagery can slow the pace of scientific discovery. To combat that lag in output, researchers and programmers have developed a prototype 3D video dashboard for data from field campaigns...

Dust Storm Envelops the Arabian Sea

The size of the plume was remarkable, as was its unusual path.

One Year into the Biden Administration, NASA Looks to Future

Over the past year, NASA has made valuable contributions to Biden-Harris Administration’s goals – leading on the global stage, addressing the urgent issue of climate change, creating high paying jobs, and inspiring future generations.

NASA Scientists Named AGU 2021 Union Honorees

Several individuals with NASA affiliations have been named 2021 Union honorees or fellows by the American Geophysical Union (AGU) and will receive honors bestowed by AGU for their excellence in scientific research, education, communication, and outreach.

NASA to Highlight New Science Findings, Missions During AGU Meeting

NASA researchers and colleagues from around the world will present the latest findings on a range of Earth and space science topics at the annual American Geophysical Union (AGU) meeting, being held virtually and in New Orleans from Monday, Dec.13, through Friday, Dec. 17.

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