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SVS hosts COVID-19 Earth Observation supporting materials

The COVID-19 Earth Observation Dashboard is a tri-agency collaboration that brings together current and historical satellite observations with analytical tools to create a user-friendly information resource for the public and researchers. The dashboard tracks key indicators of changes in air and water quality, climate, economic activity, and agriculture. A link to the COVID-19 Earth Observation Dashboard along with supporting graphics is available on the SVS website.

GPM Hurricane Maria Video Highlighted on ACM/SIGGrAPH Blog

The GPM's 360 video "Inside Hurricane Maria in 360 Degrees," which showcases GPM radar and radiometer data, was recently featured on an ACM/SIGGRAPH blog that discusses the making of the visualization. SIGGRAPH is the preeminent organization in computer graphics in the world, and this visualization was presented at the SIGGRAPH conference's Virtual Reality Theater this past summer by Greg Shirah (606.4), Kel Elkins (606.4/USRA), and Alex Kekesi (606.4/GST).
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The Scientific Visualization Studio (606.4) facilitates scientific inquiry and outreach within NASA programs through visualization, such as videos and animation. The SVS collaborates with scientists to create visualization products, systems, and processes to promote a greater understanding of Earth and Space Science research activities at Goddard Space Flight Center and within the NASA research community.

The SVS invites collaboration both from NASA researchers and from the external community. All SVS visualizations are freely available through the SVS website.

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