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NCCS Debuts a New Instructional Video Collection

NASA Center for Climate Simulation (NCCS) announced the release of new instructional videos to help NCCS users navigate its high-performance computing systems. These videos cover the following:
  • Accessing NCCS Systems
    • Onboarding Process
    • RSA Tokens
    • Accessing ADAPT
    • Anaconda
    • JupyterHub and JupyterLab
  • Discover
    • Using SLURM on the Discover Cluster
    • Secure File Transfers
  • The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Portal
    • System Overview
    • Website and Applications
    • Webmaps
    • Publishing Content
    • Q&A
    We hope that these instructional videos help you conduct and accelerate your scientific research!

Bill Putman presents at Supercomputing 2019

NASA Goddard meteorologist Bill Putman previewed The Future of Global Numerical Weather Prediction with GEOS, filling the hyperwall with 6-kilometer GEOS global model predictions of this year's extreme U.S. tornado season and Category 5 Hurricane Dorian. For his high-resolution forecasts, Putman uses up to 80,000 Intel Skylake cores on the NCCS Discover supercomputer.
Bill Putman speaks to an audience

Bruce Pfaff presents at Supercomputing 2019

In his entertaining presentation "What Could Possibly Go Wrong? — The Myth of the Smooth Install", NCCS HPC Systems Engineer Bruce Pfaff drew a big crowd, using both humor and pathos to describe how the NCCS build team cleverly—and sometimes painfully—overcame both expected and unexpected obstacles while upgrading the Discover supercomputer over the years.
Bruce talks to a crowd at SC19

Poster Blowout 2019 is in the books!

photo of people at the poster party

Photos from this year's Poster Blowout are available now. Congratulations to everyone, especially this year's winners!

Landslide Viewer displayed at GIS Conference Map Gallery

The GIS web application Landslide Viewer, which was developed by Caroline Juang (617/SSAI), Dalia Kirschbaum (617), Thomas Stanley (617/USRA), and Jim Shute (606.2/CSC), and which maps landslide event data from the Global Landslide Catalog (GLC), was displayed in the 2018 Esri Federal GIS Conference’s Map Gallery, in Washington, DC, March 20-21.

Poster Blowout 2018

Note from the Director:
I would like to thank the Director’s Science Committee for putting on an amazingly successful event where scientists and engineers across Goddard shared their work and made new contacts. The interdisciplinary interactions were especially exciting and crossed all four science disciplines.

Click the title of this news item or the image below for more images from the poster party. scientists standing in front of a poster

Science Jamboree event photos

The 2016 Science Jamboree was a great success! A collection of 50 photos from the event are available now.

Scientists featured in NPR piece on Climate Warming

Gavin Schmidt, Dan Duffy, and Phil Webster are all featured in the NPR story "Big Data Predicts Centuries Of Harm If Climate Warming Goes Unchecked". Read the article or listen to the audio at the link.

Lunar map built with Discover supercomputer on Geophysical Research Letters cover

cover image thumbnailA GRAIL mission lunar map built with help from the NASA Center for Climate Simulation (606.2) Discover supercomputer and visualized by the Scientific Visualization Studio’s Ernie Wright (606.4/USRA) graces the 5/28/2014 cover of Geophysical Research Letters.

The visualization also appears in “Science Graphic of the Week: A Psychedelic Gravity Map of the Moon’s Surface,” Wired, 6/26/2014.

Tom Maxwell receives Ultra-scale Visualization Climate Data Analysis Tools (UVCDAT) consortium award

At last week's Ultra-scale Visualization Climate Data Analysis Tools / Earth Science Grid Federation (UVCDAT/ESGF) Face-to-Face meeting in the San Francisco area, Tom Maxwell (606.2/CSC) was presented with an award for 'Outstanding Contributions to the Development of UV-CDAT'. The director of the Ultra-scale Visualization Climate Data Analysis Tools (UVCDAT) consortium, Dean Williams, presented the award.

Planet on Fire on NASA Viz iPad app

The story “Planet on Fire” went live in the NASA Visualization Explorer iPad app on March 7. It showcases a global tour of fires from the MODIS instruments aboard the Terra and Aqua satellites and the GEOS-5/GOCART models run by the Global Modeling and Assimilation Office (GMAO, 610.1) on the NASA Center for Climate Simulation (NCCS, 606.2) Discover supercomputer. The story has received over 131,700 hits. The story content is available on the Scientific Visualization Studio (SVS, 606.4) website.

Jerry Potter elected to the AMS

Jerry Potter has been elected as a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society. Congratulations to Jerry! He will receive his award in January 2012.

Supercomputing Conference Highlights NASA Earth, Space Missions

NASA will showcase the latest achievements in climate simulation, space exploration, aeronautics engineering, science research and supercomputing technology at the 23rd annual Supercomputing 2010 (SC10) meeting.

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