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Hubble Captures Cluster of Galaxies and Homeless Stars

This sparkling picture features a massive galaxy cluster named RXC J0232.2-4420.

Hubble Images a Galaxy with Threads of Blue

A ripple of bright blue gas threads through this galaxy like a misshapen lake system.

Hubble Spots a Green Cosmic Arc

This Hubble Space Telescope image shows a cluster of hundreds of galaxies located about 7.5 billion light-years from Earth.

NASA Awards Contract for Space Telescope Mission

NASA has awarded a contract to Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corporation, Boulder, Colorado, for the primary instrument components for the Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST).

Hubble Catches a Spiral Galaxy in Disguise

NGC 1032 cleaves the quiet darkness of space in two in this image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope.

NASA’s New Planet Hunter Snaps Initial Test Image, Swings by Moon Toward Final Orbit

After launching April 18, TESS has completed its lunar flyby to put it on track for its final science orbit, and has released a first test image.

Astronomers Release Most Complete Ultraviolet-Light Survey of Nearby Galaxies

An international team of astronomers is releasing the most comprehensive, high-resolution ultraviolet-light survey of nearby star-forming galaxies.

Hubble Spies Glowing Galaxies in Massive Cluster

In the darkness of the distant universe, these galaxies resemble glowing fireflies, flickering candles, charred embers floating up from a bonfire, and light bulbs softly shining.

Hubble Finds a Monster in the Deep

Though the bright, light-speckled foreground galaxy in the lower left is eye-catching, it is far from the most intriguing object in this NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image.

Hubble Sights Galaxy Stuck in the Middle

This pretty, cloud-like object may not look much like a galaxy but it is in fact something known as a lenticular galaxy.

Stellar Thief Is the Surviving Companion to a Supernova

This picture is the most compelling evidence that some supernovas originate in double-star systems.

2020 Decadal Survey Missions: At a Glance

Any telescope that reaches the launch pad in the 2030s likely will look much different than the concepts four teams are currently studying to inform the 2020 Decadal Survey for Astrophysics, but the studies do offer a roadmap.

NASA Teams Study the Agency’s Future in Astrophysics; Tackle Formidable Technology Challenges

As in past decades, the agency won’t make that decision in a vacuum or without understanding the technical obstacles, which are formidable.

NASA Planet Hunter on Its Way to Orbit

NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) has launched on the first-of-its-kind mission to find worlds beyond our solar system, including some that could support life.

Lagoon Nebula (Visible-light View)

Hubble gives us a window seat to the universe’s extraordinary stellar tapestry of birth and destruction.

Two Hubble Views of the Same Stellar Nursery

Two Hubble images compare two diverse views of the roiling heart of a vast stellar nursery, known as the Lagoon Nebula.

Hubble Catches a Colossal Cluster

This NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image shows a massive galaxy cluster glowing brightly in the darkness.

Do-It-Yourself Science: Because We Are All Explorers

In the mornings, Sylvia Beer sits at the desktop computer in her living room with a cup of coffee and looks for ridges on Mars.

New Exoplanet Collaboration Hosts Meeting to Explore Molecular Seeds of Life

The Sellers Exoplanet Environments Collaboration (SEEC) hosts its first annual symposium April 9-13. Researchers will discuss how our knowledge of the early solar system can help the hunt for life on other worlds.

Hubble Finds an Einstein Ring

These graceful arcs are a cosmic phenomenon known as an Einstein ring - created as the light from distant galaxies warps around an extremely large mass, like a galaxy cluster.

Hubble Makes the First Precise Distance Measurement to an Ancient Globular Star Cluster

Astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have for the first time precisely measured the distance to one of the oldest objects in the universe.

Hubble Uncovers the Farthest Star Ever Seen

More than halfway across the universe, an enormous blue star nicknamed Icarus is the farthest individual star ever seen.

Hubble's Curious Case of a Calcium-rich Supernova

NGC 5714 is a spiral galaxy, but that feature is hard to see, as NGC 1787 presents itself at an almost perfectly edge-on angle.

New Study Shows What Interstellar Visitor ‘Oumuamua Can Teach Us

The first interstellar object ever seen in our solar system, named ‘Oumuamua, is giving scientists a fresh perspective on how planets, asteroids and comets form.

Hubble’s Exquisite View of a Stellar Nursery

An underlying population of infant stars embedded in the nebula NGC 346 are still forming from gravitationally collapsing gas clouds.
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