Astrochemistry Laboratory

Picture of Martin Cordiner

Dr. Martin Cordiner

Astrochemistry Laboratory, Code 691
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, MD 20771

Phone: (301) 286-8797

Email: Dr. Martin Cordiner

Current Position

    Postdoctoral Research Associate


  • 2006 - Ph.D in Astrochemistry, The University of Nottingham, UK
  • 2001 - MSci Hons. Physics, University of Bristol, UK

Research Areas

  • Chemical modelling of interstellar and circumstellar environments, including dense, quiescent and protostellar clouds, photon-dominated regions and carbon-rich AGB stars
  • Molecular anion astrochemistry
  • Radio studies of interstellar and circumstellar molecules
  • High resolution optical spectroscopy of the diffuse ISM
  • Extragalactic ISM studies, with emphasis on optical absorption spectroscopy and DIBs in the Local Group
  • DIB carrier studies, including molecular anions, PAHs and related large molecules
  • Optical stellar spectroscopy, with emphasis on early-type stars
  • Studies of the small-scale structure of the ISM

Professional Experience

  • March 2009-present: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center: Postdoctoral Research Associate in Astrochemistry and Astrobiology
  • October 2006-March 2009: Queen's University, Belfast, UK: Research Fellow in Molecular Astrophysics
  • June 2006-October 2006: South African Astronomical Observatory: Business Science Fellow
  • October 2001-June 2006: The University of Nottingham: Teaching assistant

Selected Publications

  • 2009   "Density-enhanced gas and dust shells in a new chemical model for IRC+10216", Cordiner, M. A. & Millar, T.J., ApJ, 697, 68.
  • 2008   "Diffuse interstellar bands in M 33", Cordiner, M. A., Smith, K. T., Cox, N. L. J., Evans, C. J., Hunter, I., Przybilla, N., Bresolin, F., Sarre, P. J., A&A, 492, L5.
  • 2008   "Organic molecular anions in interstellar and circumstellar environments", Cordiner, M. A., Millar, T. J, Walsh, C., Herbst, E., Lis, D. C., Bell, T., Roeff, E., IAUS, 251, in press.
  • 2008   "The discovery of diffuse interstellar bands in M31", Cordiner, M. A., Cox, N. L. J., Trundle, C., Evans, C. J., Hunter, I., Przybilla, N., Bresolin, F., Salama, F., A&A, 480, L13.
  • 2007   "Molecular anion chemistry in interstellar and circumstellar environments", Cordiner, M. A., Millar, T. J., Herbst, E., Chuimin, R. Ni, Walsh, C., Molecules in Space and Laboratory, meeting held in Paris, France, May 14-18, p.98.
  • 2007   "Interstellar gas, dust and diffuse bands in the SMC", Cox, N. L. J., Cordiner, M. A., Ehrenfreund, P., Kaper, L., Sarre, P. J., Foing, B. H., Spaans, M., Cami, J., Sofia, U. J., Clayton, G. C., Gordon, K. D., Salama, F., A&A, 470, 941.
  • 2007   "Detection of C8H- and Comparison with C8H toward IRC+10216", Remijan, A. J., Hollis, J. M., Lovas, F. J., Cordiner, M. A., Millar, T. J., Markwick-Kemper, A. J., Jewell, P. R., ApJ, 664, L47.
  • 2007   Hydrocarbon Anions in Interstellar Clouds and Circumstellar Envelopes", Millar, T. J., Walsh, C., Cordiner, M. A., Ni Chuimin, R., Herbst, E., ApJ, 662, L87.
  • 2007   "The CH2CN- molecule: carrier of the 8037 Angstrom diffuse interstellar band", Cordiner, M. A. \& Sarre, P. J., A&A, 472, 537.
  • 2006   "The Large Magellanic Cloud: diffuse interstellar bands, atomic lines and the local environmental conditions", Cox, N. L. J., Cordiner, M. A., Cami, J., Foing, B. H., Sarre, P. J., Kaper, L., Ehrenfreund, P., A&A, 447, 991.
  • 2006   Small-scale-structure of the interstellar medium probed through diffuse band observations, Cordiner, M. A., Fossey, S. J., Smith, A. M., Sarre, P.J., Faraday Discuss., 133, 403.

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