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NASA Goddard Scientists Begin Studying 50-year-old Frozen Apollo 17 Samples
Could the Blueprint for Life Have Been Generated in Asteroids?
Asteroid Ryugu Dust Delivered to Earth; NASA Astrobiologists Prepare to Probe It
Key building block for organic molecules discovered in meteorites
Pristine Space Rock Offers NASA Scientists Peek at Evolution of Life’s Building Blocks
Our Favorite Gift? A Box of Apollo Moon Soil
First Detection of Sugars in Meteorites Gives Clues to Origin of Life
Cyanide Compounds Discovered in Meteorites May Hold Clues to the Origin of Life
NASA Goddard Teams to Study Unopened Apollo Samples
Danny Glavin - Searching For Life in Antarctica
NASA Researchers Find "Frozen" Recipe for Extraterrestrial Vitamin
NASA Goddard Instrument Makes First Detection of Organic Matter on Mars
Stanley Miller’s Forgotten Experiments, Analyzed
Vitamin B3 Might Have Been Made in Space, Delivered to Earth by Meteorites
New Technique Could Be Used to Search Space Dust for Life's Ingredients
Testing at Goddard: The Astrobiology Analytical Lab
NASA and University Researchers Find a Clue to How Life Turned Left
Meteorites Reveal Another Way to Make Life's Components
NASA Researchers: DNA Building Blocks Can Be Made in Space
Asteroid Served Up "Custom Orders" of Life's Ingredients
More Asteroids Could Have Made Life's Ingredients
Building Blocks of Life Created in "Impossible" Place
Goddard Scientist's Breakthrough Given Ticket to Mars
NASA Researchers Make First Discovery of Life's Building Block in Comet
NASA Scientists Find Clues to a Secret of Life
Volcanoes May Have Provided Sparks and Chemistry for First Life
Study: Life's Raw Material Came from Space
Comets as Toolkits for Jump-starting Life


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  • Through The Wormhole (2012)
  • Cosmic Shore (2012)
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