NASA Agency Honor Award winners for 2012

NASA Agency Honor Award winners for 2012

These are the individual winners of 2012 NASA Agency Honor Awards. Pictures and descriptions of the awards can be seen here.

Peter Serlemitsos - the Distinguished Service Medal (NASA's highest honor): "For sustained scientific and instrument development achievement spanning 50 years of service to NASA"

Alice Harding - the Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal for her work on pulsar emission models

Bernie Rauscher - the Exceptional Achievement Medal for his exceptional work in delivering the NIRSpec detector system for JWST

Randy Kimble - the Exceptional Achievement Medal "For exceptional achievement in the development of the Wide Field Camera 3 for Hubble Space Telescope"

Susan Neff - the Exceptional Achievement Medal "For dedication to the GALEX mission, including leadership within the team and for ensuring that the capabilities of the mission were extended to the astronomical community"

Ann Hornschemeier - the Early Career Achievement Medal "For outstanding early career achievement in science, leadership and service"

Will Zhang - the Exceptional Technology Achievement Medal "For development of the revolutionary slumped glass x-ray mirror technology"

A Group Achievement Medal was awarded to the BESS-POLAR Recovery Team.

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