Video of 2012 Goddard Symposium Speakers & Discussions

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The 50th Annual Robert H. Goddard Memorial Symposium was held March 28-29, 2012 at the Greenbelt Marriott in Greenbelt, Md. This year's theme, "Dreams and Possibilities: Planning the Achievable," provided an opportunity for presentations, panel discussions, and displays about current success and the future direction of NASA and the aerospace industry. This year's emphasis was on missions that were achievable within about a half-decade: those space activities that were on the horizon, just beginning to take shape or guide current investments and programmatic decisions.

Supported by the Goddard Space Flight Center and sponsored by the American Astronautical Society, this symposium brought together leaders in government, industry, academia, and entrepreneurs also to discuss recent political and budgetary decisions and challenges.

Dr. Steven Squyres, Head of the NASA Advisory Committee, and NASA Administrator, Charlie Bolden, Jr., were the keynote speakers for the first day. Kathryn Sullivan, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Environmental Observation and Prediction, NOAA, opened the second day of the symposium and Congressman Ralph Hall (R-TX), Chairman on the House Science and Technology Committee, gave a luncheon keynote talk.

Other speakers included Dr. John Grunsfeld (NASA Science Mission Directorate Associate Administrator) , Dr. Waleed Abdalati (NASA Chief Scientist), and Dr. Michael Hesse (NASA GSFC Heliophysics Division Director).


Welcome and Announcements (9MB)
Introduction of Keynote Speakers
Retirement Award
Keynote Speeches
Panel: Human Exploration Strategy (185MB)
Awards Luncheon
Panel: Science Stragegy - Expand scientific understanding of the Earth and the Universe in which we live (141MB)
Panel: Technology Stragegy - Create the innovative new space technologies for our exploration, science, and economic future (151MB)
Closing Remarks


Opening Remarks
Introduction of Keynote Speaker
Keynote Speech:
Panel: Public Outreach and Education Strategy (165MB)
Luncheon Speaker
Panel: Future Infrastructure: Communications, Launch and Aeronautics (56MB)
Panel: Space and Terrestrial Weather: Climate Change and More (154MB)
Wrap-up and Final Thoughts

photo of gsfc director chris scolese
NASA Goddard Center Director Chris Scolese opens the 50th Robert H. Goddard Memorial Symposium on March 28, 2012.

photo of nasa administrator charles bolden and gsfc director chris scolese with awardee many glackin
NASA Administrator Charles F. Bolden and NASA Goddard Center Director Chris Scolese present the NASA Exceptional Service Medal to NOAA Deputy Under Secretary for Operations Mary Glackin.

photo of scientist jim garvin and panelists
Dr. Jim Garvin, Chief Scientist NASA GSFC, speaks during a panel discussion with Waleed Abdulati, NASA Chief Scientist; John Grunsfeld, NASA Associate Administrator for Science and Barbara Giles, Heliophysics Division Director NASA Science Mission Directorate.

photo of nasa administrator charles bolden with students
NASA Administrator Charles F. Bolden poses with students.
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