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Atmospheric Science Highlights

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  • – Converging to the “Real” Oceanic Precipitation
  • – The 27-Day Rotational Variations in Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) Observations: from SORCE/TIM, ACRIMSAT/ACRIM III, and SOHO/VIRGO
  • – Tropical winds affect chlorine levels inside the Antarctic ozone hole


Atmospheric Science Highlights

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  • – Modeling Studies of Direct (in Radiation) and Indirect (in Cloud Microphysics) Effects of Aerosols Using the NASA Unified WRF
  • – Earth’s Climate Sensitivity: Apparent Inconsistencies in Recent Analyses
  • – Improved Nimbus-7 TOMS View of the 1991 Gulf War Oil Fires Plume Shows Extensive Impact of Smoke Cloud


Atmospheric Science Highlights

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  • – Cloud variations skew the statistics of near-cloud aerosol properties
  • – Dry Deposition of NO2 and SO2 in Urban Areas Inferred from Aura/OMI

Hydrospheric and Biospheric Sciences Highlights

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  • – Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Mission Sees 2015 Nor’easter
  • – Calculating crop water requirement satisfaction in the West Africa Sahel with remotely sensed soil moisture
  • – Blending Satellite Snow Depth Products with In-situ Data for Snow and Streamflow Predictions
  • – Multivariate assimilation of satellite-derived remote sensing datasets in the National Climate Assessment Land Data Assimilation System (NCA-LDAS)
  • – Assessing the impact of L-band observations on drought estimation: A decision theoretic approach in an OSSE environment
  • – Calibration to improve simulation of microwave emissivity over the U.S. Southern Great Plains (SGP) for GPM
  • – Seasonal Parameterizations of the Tau-Omega Model for SMAP
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