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Non-Refereed Publications 2014

Refereed Publications for 2014

Archer, P. D., H. B. Franz, B. Sutter, et al. R. D. Arevalo Jr, P. Coll, J. L. Eigenbrode, D. P. Glavin, J. J. Jones, L. A. Leshin, P. Mahaffy, A. C. Mcadam, C. P. McKay, D. W. Ming, R. V. Morris, R. Navarro-González, P. B. Niles, A. Pavlov, S. W. Squyres, J. C. Stern, A. Steele, and J. J. Wray. 2014. "Abundances and Implications of Volatile-bearing Species from Evolved Gas Analysis of the Rocknest Aeolian Deposit, Gale Crater, Mars." J. Geophys. Res. 119 237-254 [Journal Article/Letter] [10.1002/2013JE004493]

Awasthi, A. K., R. Jain, P. D. Gadhiya, et al. M. J. Aschwanden, W. Uddin, A. K. Srivastava, R. Chandra, N. Gopalswamy, N. V. Nitta, S. Yashiro, P. K. Manoharan, D. P. Choudhary, N. C. Joshi, V. C. Dwivedi, and K. Mahalakshmi. 2014. "Multiwavelength diagnostics of the precursor and main phases of an M1.8 flare on 2011 April 22." Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 437 2249-2262 [Journal Article/Letter] [10.1093/mnras/stt2032]

Callahan, M. P., M. G. Martin, A. S. Burton, D. P. Glavin, and J. P. Dworkin. 2014. "Amino acid analysis in micrograms of meteorite sample by nanoliquid chromatography–high-resolution mass spectrometry." Journal of Chromatography A 1332 30-34 [Journal Article/Letter]

Cataldo, G., W.-T. Hsieh, W.-C. Huang, et al. S. H. Moseley, T. R. Stevenson, and E. J. Wollack. 2014. "Micro-Spec: an ultracompact, high-sensitivity spectrometer for far-infrared and submillimeter astronomy." Applied Optics 53 (6): 1094-1102 [Journal Article/Letter] [10.1364/AO.53.001094]

Cook, B. I., J. E. Smerdon, R. Seager, and E. R. Cook. 2014. "Pan-continental droughts in North America over the last millennium." J. Climate 27 383-397 [Journal Article/Letter] [doi:10.1175/JCLI-D-13-00100.1]

Danabasoglu, G., S. G. Yeager, D. Bailey, et al. E. Behrens, M. Bentsen, D. Bi, A. Biastoch, C. Boening, A. Bozec, V. M. Canuto, C. Cassou, E. Chassignet, A. C. Coward, S. Danilov, N. Diansky, H. Drange, R. Farneti, E. Fernandez, P. G. Fogli, G. Forget, Y. Fujii, S. M. Griffies, A. Gusev, P. Heimbach, A. Howard, T. Jung, M. Kelley, W. G. Large, A. Leboissetier, J. Lu, G. Madec, S. J. Marsland, S. Masina, A. Navarra, A. J. Nurser, A. Pirani, D. Salas y Moelia, B. L. Samuels, M. Scheinert, D. Sidorenko, A.-M. Treguier, H. Tsujino, P. Uotila, S. Valcke, A. Voldoire, and Q. Wangi. 2014. "North Atlantic simulations in Coordinated Ocean-ice Reference Experiments phase II (CORE-II). Part I: Mean states." Ocean Model. 73 76-107 [Journal Article/Letter] [doi:10.1016/j.ocemod.2013.10.005]

De Boer, G., M. D. Shupe, P. M. Caldwell, et al. S. E. Bauer, P. O. Persson, J. S. Boyle, M. Kelley, S. A. Klein, and M. Tjernstroem. 2014. "Near-surface meteorology during the Arctic Summer Cloud Ocean Study (ASCOS): Evaluation of reanalyses and global climate models." Atmos. Chem. Phys. 14 427-445 [Journal Article/Letter] [doi:10.5194/acp-14-427-2014]

Desai, S. D., and R. D. Ray. 2014. "Consideration of tidal geocenter variations for satellite altimeter observations of ocean tides." Geophysical Research Letters (Published) [Journal Article/Letter] [10.1002/2014GL059614]

Didkovsky, L., and J. B. Gurman. 2014. "A Change in the Solar He ii EUV Global Network Structure as an Indicator of the Geo-Effectiveness of Solar Minima." Solar Physics 289 153-166 [Journal Article/Letter] [10.1007/s11207-013-0329-1]

Dmitriev, A. V., A. V. Suvorova, J.-K. Chao, et al. C. B. Wang, L. Rastaetter, M. I. Panasyuk, L. L. Lazutin, A. S. Kovtyukh, I. S. Veselovsky, and I. N. Myagkova. 2014. "Anomalous dynamics of the extremely compressed magnetosphere during 21 January 2005 magnetic storm." ArXiv e-prints arXiv:14020927- [Journal Article/Letter]

Elliott, J., D. Deryng, C. Mueller, et al. K. Frieler, M. Konzmann, D. Gerten, M. Glotter, M. Floerke, Y. Wada, N. Best, S. Eisner, B. M. Fekete, C. Folberth, I. Foster, S. N. Gosling, I. Haddeland, N. Khabarov, F. Ludwig, Y. Masaki, S. Olin, C. E. Rosenzweig, A. C. Ruane, Y. Satoh, E. Schmid, T. Stacke, Q. Tang, and D. Wisser. 2014. "Constraints and potentials of future irrigation water availability on agricultural production under climate change." Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 111 3239-3244 [Journal Article/Letter] [doi:10.1073/pnas.1222474110]

Franz, H. B., M. G. Trainer, M. H. Wong, et al. H. Manning, J. C. Stern, P. Mahaffy, S. K. Atreya, M. Bennaa, P. G. Conrad, D. N. Harpold, L. A. Leshin, C. A. Malespin, C. P. McKay, J. T. Nolan, and E. Raaen. 2014. "Analytical Techniques for Retrieval of Atmospheric Composition with the Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer of the Sample Analysis at Mars Instrument Suite on Mars Science Laboratory." Planet. Space Sci. (Published) [Journal Article/Letter] [10.1016/j.pss.2014.03.005]

Franz, H. B., S.-T. Kim, J. Farquhar, et al. J. Day, R. C. Economos, K. D. McKeegan, A. K. Schmitt, A. J. Irving, J. Hoek, and J. Dottin. 2014. "Isotopic Links between Atmospheric Chemistry and the Deep Sulphur Cycle on Mars." Nature 508 364–368 [Journal Article/Letter] [10.1038/nature13175]

Gasson, E., D. J. Lunt, R. DeConto, et al. A. Goldner, M. Heinemann, M. Huber, A. N. LeGrande, D. Pollard, N. Sagoo, M. Siddall, A. Winguth, and P. J. Valdes. 2014. "Uncertainties in the modelled CO2 threshold for Antarctic glaciation." Clim. Past 10 451-466 [Journal Article/Letter] [doi:10.5194/cp-10-451-2014]

Hill, D. J., A. M. Haywood, D. J. Lunt, et al. S. J. Hunter, F. J. Bragg, C. Contoux, C. Stepanek, L. Sohl, N. A. Rosenbloom, W. L. Chan, Y. Kamae, Z. Zhang, A. Abe-Ouchi, M. A. Chandler, A. Jost, G. Lohmann, B. L. Otto-Bliesner, G. Ramstein, and H. Ueda. 2014. "Evaluating the dominant components of warming in Pliocene climate simulations." Clim. Past 10 79-90 [Journal Article/Letter] [doi:10.5194/cp-10-79-2014]

Jiao, C., M. G. Flanner, Y. Balkanski, et al. S. E. Bauer, N. Bellouin, T. K. Berntsen, H. Bian, K. S. Carslaw, M. Chin, N. De Luca, T. Diehl, S. J. Ghan, T. Iversen, A. Kirkevag, D. Koch, X. Liu, G. W. Mann, J. E. Penner, G. Pitari, M. Schulz, O. Seland, R. B. Skeie, S. D. Steenrod, P. Stier, T. Takemura, K. Tsigaridis, T. van Noije, Y. Yun, and K. Zhang. 2014. "An AeroCom assessment of black carbon in Arctic snow and sea ice." Atmos. Chem. Phys. 14 2399-2417 [Journal Article/Letter] [doi:10.5194/acp-14-2399-2014]

Kahler, S. W., C. N. Arge, S. Akiyama, and N. Gopalswamy. 2014. "Do Solar Coronal Holes Affect the Properties of Solar Energetic Particle Events?" Solar Physics 289 657-673 [Journal Article/Letter] [10.1007/s11207-013-0427-0]

Kahn, B. H., F. W. Irion, V. T. Dang, et al. E. M. Manning, S. L. Nasiri, C. M. Naud, J. M. Blaisdell, M. M. Schreier, Q. Yue, K. W. Bowman, E. J. Fetzer, G. C. Hulley, K. N. Liou, D. Lubin, S. C. Ou, J. Susskind, Y. Takano, B. Tian, and J. R. Worden. 2014. "The Atmospheric Infrared Sounder version 6 cloud products." Atmos. Chem. Phys. 14 399-426 [Journal Article/Letter] [doi:10.5194/acp-14-399-2014]

Kepko, E. L., J. Slavin, K.-H. Glassmeier, and T. Sundberg. 2014. "The substorm current wedge at Earth and Mercury." AGU Monograph, "Magnetotails in the Solar System" [Journal Article/Letter]

Khazanov, G. V., A. Glocer, and E. W. Himwich. 2014. "Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Energy Interchange in the Electron Diffuse Aurora." Journal of Geophysical Research (Space Physics) 119 [Journal Article/Letter] [10.1002/2013JA019325]

Khazanov, G. V., A. A. Telnikhin, and T. K. Kronberg. 2014. "Stochastic Electron Motion Driven by Space Plasma Waves." Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics 21 61-85 [Journal Article/Letter] [10.5194/npg-21-61-2014]

Knizhnik, K., M. Luna, K. Muglach, et al. H. Gilbert, T. Kucera, and J. Karpen. 2014. "Observational Study of Large Amplitude Longitudinal Oscillations in a Solar Filament." IAU Symposium 300 428-429 [Journal Article/Letter] [10.1017/S174392131301140X]

Li, J., B. E. Carlson, and A. A. Lacis. 2014. "Application of spectral analysis techniques in the inter-comparison of aerosol data, Part II: Using maximum covariance analysis to effectively compare spatio-temporal variability of satellite and AERONET measured aerosol optical depth." J. Geophys. Res. 119 153-166 [Journal Article/Letter] [doi:10.1002/2013JD020537]

Luna, M., K. Knizhnik, K. Muglach, et al. J. T. Karpen, H. R. Gilbert, T. A. Kucera, and V. Uritsky. 2014. "Observations and Implications of Large-amplitude Longitudinal Oscillations in a Solar Filament." The Astrophysical Journal 785 (1): [Journal Article/Letter] [10.1088/0004-637X/785/1/79]

Malaspina, D. M., M. Horanyi, A. Zaslavsky, et al. K. Goetz, L. B. Wilson, and K. Kersten. 2014. "Interplanetary and interstellar dust observed by the Wind/WAVES electric field instrument." Geophysical Research Letters 41 (2): 266-272 [Journal Article/Letter] [Interstellar Medium, Inner Heliosphere] [Full Text (Link)] [10.1002/2013GL058786]

By First Author's/Editor's Last Name:

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