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Non-Refereed Publications 2015

Refereed Publications for 2015

Achakulwisut, P., L. J. Mickley, L. T. Murray, et al. A. P. Tai, J. O. Kaplan, and B. Alexander. 2015. "Uncertainties in isoprene photochemistry and emissions: Implications for the oxidative capacity of past and present atmospheres and for trends in climate forcing agents." Atmos. Chem. Phys., 15: 7977-7998 [doi:10.5194/acp-15-7977-2015] [Journal Article/Letter]

Alley, R. B., S. Anandakrishnan, K. Christianson, et al. H. J. Horgan, A. Muto, B. R. Parizek, D. Pollard, and R. T. Walker. 2015. "Oceanic Forcing of Ice-Sheet Retreat: West Antarctica and More." Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences, 43: 207 -231 [10.1146/annurev-earth-060614-105344] [Journal Article/Letter]

Anderson, R., J. C. Bridges, A. J. Williams, et al. L. Edgar, A. Ollila, J. Williams, M. Nachon, N. Mangold, J. Schieber, S. Gupta, G. Dromart, R. Wiens, S. Le Mouelic, O. Forni, N. Lanza, A. Mezzacappa, V. Sautter, M. Fisk, D. Blaney, B. Clark, S. Clegg, O. Gasnault, J. Lasue, R. Leveille, E. Lewin, K. Lewis, S. Maurice, H. Newsom, S. Schwenzer, and D. Vaniman. 2015. "ChemCam Results from the Shaler Outcrop in Gale Crater, Mars." Icarus, 249: 2-21 [10.1016/j.icarus.2014.07.025] [Journal Article/Letter]

Arevalo Jr., R., W. B. Brinckerhoff, F. Van Amerom, et al. R. M. Danell, V. T. Pinnick, X. Li, S. A. Getty, L. M. Hovmand, A. Grubisic, P. R. Mahaffy, F. Goesmann, and H. Steininger. 2015. "Design and Demonstration of the Mars Organic Molecule Analyzer (MOMA) on the ExoMars 2018 Rover." IEEE Aerospace, [Journal Article/Letter]

Asseng, S., F. Ewert, P. Martre, et al. R. P. Roetter, D. B. Lobell, D. Cammarano, B. A. Kimball, M. J. Ottman, G. W. Wall, J. W. White, M. P. Reynolds, P. D. Alderman, P. V. Prasad, P. K. Aggarwal, J. Anothai, B. Basso, C. Biernath, A. J. Challinor, G. De Sanctis, J. Doltra, E. Fereres, M. Garcia-Vila, S. Gayler, G. Hoogenboom, L. A. Hunt, R. C. Izaurralde, M. Jabloun, C. D. Jones, K. C. Kersebaum, A. K. Koehler, C. Mueller, S. Naresh Kumar, C. Nendel, G. O'Leary, J. E. Olesen, T. Palosuo, E. Priesack, E. Eyshi Rezaei, A. C. Ruane, M. A. Semenov, I. Shcherbak, C. Stockle, P. Stratonovitch, T. Streck, I. Supit, F. Tao, P. J. Thorburn, K. Waha, E. Wang, D. Wallach, J. Wolf, Z. Zhao, and Y. Zhu. 2015. "Rising temperatures reduce global wheat production." Nature Clim. Change, 5 (2): 143-147 [doi:10.1038/nclimate2470] [Journal Article/Letter]

Bancroft, D., J. J. Butler, R. Datla, et al. C. Cao, M. Greenman, S. Hansen, H. Latvakoski, M. Mlynczak, T. Murdock, J. Peterson, D. Pollack, R. Russell, D. Scott, J. Seamons, T. Stone, J. Tansock, K. J. Thome, A. Thurgood, R. Williams, H. Yoon, and X. Xiong. 2015. "Guidelines for Radiometric Calibration of Electo-optical Instruments for Remote Sensing." NIST HB, 157: [10.6028/NIST.HB.157] [Journal Article/Letter]

Barker, M. K., E. Mazarico, G. A. Neumann, et al. M. T. Zuber, J. Haruyama, and D. E. Smith. 2015. "A New Lunar Digital Elevation Model From the Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter and SELENE Terrain Camera." Icarus, (In Press) [Journal Article/Letter]

Barker, M. K., E. Mazarico, G. A. Neumann, et al. M. T. Zuber, J. Haruyama, and D. E. Smith. 2015. "A New Lunar Digital Elevation Model From the Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter and SELENE Terrain Camera." Icarus, (In Press) [Journal Article/Letter]

Barre, J., D. Edwards, H. Worden, A. M. Da Silva, and W. A. Lahoz. 2015. "On the feasibility of monitoring Carbon Monxide in the lower troposphere from a constellation of Northern Hemisphere geostationary satellites. (Part 1)." Atmos. Environ, 113: 63-77 [10.1016/j.atmosenv.2015.04.069] [Journal Article/Letter]

Benna, M., P. R. Mahaffy, J. M. Grebowsky, et al. J. M. Plane, R. V. Yelle, and B. M. Jakosky. 2015. "Metallic ions in the upper atmosphere of Mars from the passage of comet C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring)." Geophysical Research Letters, 42: [10.1002/2015GL064159] [Journal Article/Letter]

Benna, M., P. R. Mahaffy, J. S. Halekas, E. C. Elphic, and G. T. Delory. 2015. "Variability of helium, neon, and argon in the lunar exosphere as observed by the LADEE NMS instrument." Geophysical Research Letters, 42: [10.1002/2015GL064120] [Journal Article/Letter]

Beshore, E., B. Sutter, R. Mink, et al. D. Lauretta, M. Moreau, W. Boynton, D. Everett, J. P. Dworkin, C. Shinohara, and J. Gal-Edd. 2015. "The OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return Mission." IEEE, 4799-5380-6. [Journal Article/Letter]

Bhatia, A. K., and R. J. Drachman. 2015. "Photoejection with excitation in H^- and other systems." Physical Review A, 91: 012702 [10.1103/PhysRev.A91.012702] [Journal Article/Letter]

Bi, L., P. Yang, G. W. Kattawar, and M. I. Mishchenko. 2015. "Optical tunneling by arbitrary macroscopic three-dimensional objects." Phys. Rev. A, 92 (1): 013814 [doi:10.1103/PhysRevA.92.013814] [Journal Article/Letter]

Biswas, J., B. Pathak, F. Patadia, et al. P. K. Bhuyan, M. M. Gogoi, and S. S. Babu. 2015. "Satellite retrieved Top of Atmosphere Direct Radiative Forcing of Aerosols over North-East India and adjoining areas: Spatio-Temporal distribution." Aerosol and Air Quality Research, (Submitted) [AAQR-15-05-SUSEASUA-0286] [Journal Article/Letter]

Blakey, T., A. M. Melesse, and C. S. Rousseaux. 2015. "Toward connecting subtropical algal blooms to freshwater nutrient sources using a long-term, spatially distributed, in situ chlorophyll-a record." Catena, 133: 119–127 [Full Text (Link)] [10.1016/j.catena.2015.05.001] [Journal Article/Letter] [Physical Oceanography]

Bleck, R., J. W. Bao, S. G. Benjamin, et al. J. M. Brown, M. Fiorino, T. B. Henderson, J. L. Lee, A. E. MacDonald, P. Madden, J. Middlecoff, J. Rosinski, T. G. Smirnova, S. Sun, and N. Wang. 2015. "A vertically flow-following, icosahedral-grid model for medium-range and seasonal prediction. Part 1: Model description." Mon. Weather Rev., 143 (6): 2386-2403 [doi:10.1175/MWR-D-14-00300.1] [Journal Article/Letter]

Boisvert, L. N., D. L. Wu, and C.-L. Shie. 2015. "Increasing evaporation amounts seen in the Arctic between 2003-2013 from AIRS data." Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, (In Press) [doi:10.1002/2015JD023258] [Journal Article/Letter]

Boisvert, L. N., D. L. Wu, T. Vihma, and J. Susskind. 2015. "Verification of air/surface humidity differences from AIRS and ERA-Interim in support of turbulent flux estimation in the Arctic." J. Geophys. Res. Atmos., 120 (3): 945–963 [10.1002/2014JD021666] [Journal Article/Letter]

Boisvert, L. N., and J. C. Stroeve. 2015. "The Arctic is becoming warmer and wetter as revealed by the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder." Geophys. Res. Lett., 42 (11): 4439-4446 [10.1002/2015GL063775] [Journal Article/Letter] [Atmospheric Dynamics, Sea Ice]

Bosilovich, M. G., J.-D. Chern, D. M. Mocko, and A. M. Da Silva. 2015. "Evaluating Observation Influence on Regional Water Budgets in Reanalyses." J. Climate, 28 (9): 3631–3649 [10.1175/JCLI-D-14-00623.1] [Journal Article/Letter]

Bounoua, L., P. Zhang, K. J. Thome, et al. J. G. Masek, A. Safia, M. L. Imhoff, and R. E. Wolfe. 2015. "Mapping Biophysical Parameters for Land Surface Modeling over the Continental US Using MODIS and Landsat." Dataset Papers in Science, 2015 (Article ID 564279): 11 pp [10.1155/2015/564279] [Journal Article/Letter]

Breon, F., E. F. Vermote, E. Murphy, and B. Franch. 2015. "Measuring the Directional Variations of Land Surface Reflectance From MODIS." Geoscience and Remote Sensing, IEEE Transactions on, 53 (8): 4638 - 4649 [10.1109/TGRS.2015.2405344] [Journal Article/Letter]

Brindley, H., S. Osipov, R. Bantges, et al. A. Smirnov, J. Banks, R. C. Levy, P.-J. Prakash, and G. Stenchikov. 2015. "Quantifying the climatological cloud-free direct radiative forcing of aerosol over the Red Sea." J. Geophys. Res.-Atmos, (Submitted) [Journal Article/Letter]

Brunini, C., F. Azpilicueta, and D. Janches. 2015. "An Attempt to establish a statistical model of the day-to-day variability of the NmF2 and hmF2 parameters computed from IRI." Advances in Space Research, 55 (8): 2033–2040 [doi:10.1016/j.asr.2014.07.023] [Journal Article/Letter]

By First Author's/Editor's Last Name:

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