Lynne A Valencic

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Lynne A Valencic

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    Brief Bio

    Lynne received her BS in astronomy from Case Western Reserve University in 1997, then attended Louisiana State University for her MS in physics (2000) and PhD in physics (2003). She then worked for two years at UNAM-Ensenada studying dust in pre-planetary nebulae and building a database of diffuse interstellar band measurements. She came to NASA's GSFC in 2006 as a NASA Postdoctoral Fellow, where she conducted multiwavelength studies of interstellar dust and their importance to dust grain models.

    While she most commonly studies interstellar dust, she also is interested in cataclysmic variables.


    Interstellar dust and cataclysmic variables


    Empirical determination of the XMM PSF

    An interstellar dust model constrained by NIR through X-ray observations

    Database of H column density measurements along Galactic sight lines to bright X-ray sources


    B.S., Astronomy, Case Western Reserve University
    M.S., Physics, Louisiana State University
    Ph.D., Physics, Louisiana State University
    Thesis title: A Database of Reddened OB Sightlines and Their Properties


    2008 An Analysis of the Dust Halo and Extinction toward X Persei, Valencic, L.A. and Smith, R.K. ApJ, in press

    2008 The X-Ray Dust Halo and Reddening Toward Terzan 2, Valencic, L.A., Smith, R.K., Dwek, E., Dame, T.M., and Graessle, D. ApJ, submitted

    2004 Does the 3.3┬Ám PAH Emission Feature Require UV Excitation? Smith, T.L., Clayton, G., and Valencic., L.A. AJ, 128, 357

    2004 Ultraviolet Extinction Properties in the Milky Way, Valencic, L.A., Clayton, G., Wolff, M.J., Gordon, K.D., and Smith, T.L. ApJ, 616, 912

    2003 SMC-Type Dust inthe Milky Way, Valencic, L.A., Clayton, G., Wolff, M.J., and Gordon, K.,D. ApJ, 589, 369

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