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James Webb Space Telescope Highlighted at USA Science and Engineering Festival

The James Webb Space Telescope is going to "fly" into the USA Science and Engineering Festival on April 26 and 27 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EDT.

Webb Telescope's Heart Complete, Final Instrument Installed

The last piece of the James Webb Space Telescope's heart was installed inside the world's largest clean room at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.
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NASA Administrator Bolden, Senator Mikulski View Progress on James Webb Space Telescope

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden and Senator Barbara Mikulski of MD congratulated the James Webb Space Telescope team for the delivery of all flight instruments and primary mirrors to NASA's GSFC.

James Webb Space Telescope Passes a Mission Milestone

James Webb Space Telescope has passed its first significant mission milestone for 2014 -- a Spacecraft Critical Design Review.

AAS Meeting Highlights Several New Hubble Science Findings

Highlighted are three discoveries: 4 unusually bright galaxies, the deepest image of a galaxy cluster, and a sampling of galaxies thought to be responsible for most of the stars we see today.
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Laboratory News

Goddard View

The last piece of the James Webb Space Telescope's heart was installed inside the world's largest clean room. Read about it in the latest issue of the Goddard View. (Volume 10, Issue 14)

2013 Robert H. Goddard Awards for ASD

Science (Individual and Team Recognition) Elizabeth Hays (661), Aki Roberge (667), Charles Bowers (667)
Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity (Individual and Team Recognition John Baker (663), Jane Rigby (665)
Mentoring (Individual and Team Recognition) The Balloon Experimental Twin Telescope for Infrared Interferometry (BETTII) Team - Stephen Rinehart (665)
Outreach (Individual and Team Recognition) Amber Straughn (665)
Robert H. Goddard Award of Merit (Individual Only) Alice Harding (663)

Goddard View

Reflecting on Webb's Progress - As the James Webb Space Telescope scientists and engineers continue to move forward with the observatory’s pre-launch testing and assembly, the NASA community is excited to see the outstanding work accomplished so far. (Volume 10, Issue 1)
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The Observational Cosmology Laboratory conducts research to improve understanding of the origin, evolution and ultimate fate of the universe. Specific issues under investigation include what powered the Big Bang; the size, shape, and matter-energy content of the universe; when the first stars and galaxies appeared and their evolution over cosmic time; and the nature of the mysterious dark energy that is driving the universe apart.

comparison of COBE and WMAP results
A comparison of all-sky image of temperature fluctuations in the early universe with COBE (upper image) and the WMAP (lower image). Science operations for WMAP are conducted in the ASD (Bennett, PI)

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