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Daugaard-Jensen Land, Greenland

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Heading to Antarctica

Ryan Walker and Christine Dow will be spending more than a month in Antarctica to study the response of the Nansen Ice Shelf to ocean tides and will be blogging from the field.

PBS NewsHour Features Glaciers and ICESat-2

GSFC ICESat-2 scientists Tom Neumann and Thorsten Markus are featured in a two-part PBS NewsHour story on sea level rise research.
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The Cryospheric Sciences Laboratory investigates Earth's ice cover and its connection to the rest of the climate system. Laboratory researchers combine comprehensive surface, aircraft, and satellite observations with sophisticated modeling to characterize the behavior of snow and ice and understand the processes at work.

We provide the scientific expertise needed to develop instrumentation and satellite missions. We develop research-quality datasets and work with the broader research community to ensure their effective use. In addition, Laboratory scientists use their expertise in remote sensing and ice physics to explore cryospheric processes on other solar system bodies.

For further information, data, research, and other resources, see Cryospheric Sciences Research.

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