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NASA in Alaska 2014: MABEL readied to snap photos from above

Clouds blanketed much of MABEL’s potential flight routes over the Alaskan Arctic or southern glaciers on Monday, so the ER-2 aircraft stayed in the hangar at Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks, Alaska.

High-flying Laser Altimeter to Check Out Summer Sea Ice and More

Sea ice in summer looks dramatically different than sea ice in winter, even in the polar Arctic. This weekend NASA’s high-flying laser altimeter begins a campaign to investigate.

NASA IceBridge Concludes Arctic Field Campaign

Researchers with NASA's Operation IceBridge have completed another successful Arctic field campaign.

The Making of NASA's Global Selfie: 100+ Countries, Thousands of Photos

On Earth Day this year NASA asked, "Where are you on Earth Right Now?" People around the world answered on social media, with self portraits.

IceBridge Expands Northeast Greenland Data

IceBridge researchers continued the 2014 Arctic science campaign with more survey flights over land ice in northern Greenland.
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Laboratory News

Greenland Firn Aquifer Expedition: Season Two

Dr. Ludovic Brucker returns to Greenland with team members to further monitor the firn aquifer.
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The Cryospheric Sciences Laboratory investigates Earth's ice cover and its connection to the rest of the climate system. Laboratory researchers combine comprehensive surface, aircraft, and satellite observations with sophisticated modeling to characterize the behavior of snow and ice and understand the processes at work.

We provide the scientific expertise needed to develop instrumentation and satellite missions. We develop research-quality datasets and work with the broader research community to ensure their effective use. In addition, Laboratory scientists use their expertise in remote sensing and ice physics to explore cryospheric processes on other solar system bodies

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