Composite map of United States using data from Landsat 8
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Landsat 8’s First Year


Happy Birthday Landsat 8!

  • Natural color Aqua satellite image of frozen Lake Erie

    Frozen Lake Erie


    The intense cold snap that gripped much of central Canada and the United States in early January 2014 brought thick and widespread ice to the Great Lakes.

  • Landsat photo of snow-covered island

    A Thousand Miles from Nowhere


    There is perhaps no better place to get away from it all than Norway’s Bouvet Island. The nearest large land mass is the Princess Astrid Coast of Queen Maud Land, Antarctica—1,100 miles to the south.

  • GPM image of rainfall rates

    First Images Available from NASA-JAXA Global Rain and Snowfall Satellite


    3D view inside an extra-tropical cyclone observed off the coast of Japan by GPM's Dual-frequency Precipitation Radar.

ABZ Workshop

What's happening now

  • 21-22 Apr 2014 Earth Day at Union Station (DC) NASA’s Hyperwall and Science Gallery exhibits will be on display, hands-on demonstrations and activities, science stories.

  • 22 Apr 2014 Earth Day NASA invites you to take part in a worldwide celebration of Earth Day this year with the agency's #GlobalSelfie event.

  • 23 May 2014 Operation IceBridge Find out what Operation IceBridge - an airborne mission for Earth's polar ice - is doing... on their blog. Now 'til May 23.

Phenomenally Pfun Puzzle

Can you solve our crossword puzzle? All the answers to the clues come from the universe pages on the Starchild website.

Precipitation Education Website

This website, presented by NASA’s Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission, provides students and educators with resources to learn about Earth’s water cycle, weather and climate, and the technology and societal applications of studying them.

Know Your Earth 1.0

The “Know Your Earth” project is a venture between NASA’s Earth-Observing missions and National CineMedia. Know Your Earth is a fun, engaging, and educational three-minute segment of “Did You Know” questions that all have a message that focuses on global climate change and literacy throughout the Lobby Entertainment Network in 291 national movie theaters.

Know Your Earth 2.0, Chicago

"Know Your Earth 3.0, Local Connections" is a partnership among 22 of NASA's Earth-observing missions. This educational project focuses on educating students, teachers and the public about cutting-edge NASA Earth science research
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