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Landsat 8’s First Year

Landsat 8’s First Year: Happy Birthday Landsat 8!

Press Releases & Feature Stories

The Pacific or “Peaceful” Ocean

The Pacific Ocean runs 155 million square miles and contains “more than half of the free water on earth.”

Fires in the Kimberely Region of Western Australia

NASA's Aqua satellite detected several fires burning in the Kimberley region of the Australian outback in the northern reaches of Western Australia.

B31 Iceberg Drifting From Antarctica

Over the course of five months in Antarctic spring and summer, MODIS—an instrument on NASA’s Terra and Aqua satellites—captured a series of images of ice island B31.

That’s All, Folks!!!

We still wonder whether our campaign was successful, or fair. For sure, it was a mix of good and tough times.

Fires in the Primorsky Province of Russia

The uncontrolled method of managing agricultural areas each year turns the entire southern tip of Primorsky Province into an enormous firebed, enveloping up to 40 percent of the entire territory.
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Division News

New 610 Goddard Senior Fellows

Congratulations to Dr. Paul Newman and Dr. Anne Thompson on their selection for the newest class of Goddard Senior Fellows. The Goddard Senior Fellows Program recognizes the center’s most distinguished employees for their accomplishments and contributions to NASA programs. Appointed by the Center Director, Senior Fellows serve for five years, with possible renewal for additional terms at the discretion of the Center Director so long as they remain civil service employees.

Dr. Jim Tucker Awarded Vega Medal

Congratulations to Dr. Jim Tucker of the Earth Sciences Division. He is the recipient of the 2014 Vega Medal, an award given every three years by the Swedish Society for Anthropology and Geography. The society created the Vega Medal in 1881 on the occasion of Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld's return to Stockholm, after he had discovered the North East Passage. Since then, the Vega Medal has been awarded to a physical geographer roughly every three years. This award is given by the King of Sweden on 24 April, the anniversary of Nordenskiöld's return to Stockholm.

Bhartia wins 2014 AMS Remote Sensing Prize

Congratulations to Dr. P.K. Bhartia for being recognized with the prestigious 2014 American Meteorological Society (AMS) Remote Sensing Prize. The AMS gives this award biannually to recognize individuals for advances in the science and technology of remote sensing, and its application to knowledge of the earth oceans, and atmosphere, and/or to the benefit of society.
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Arctic-Boreal Zone Workshop 2012

image of globe with ABZ outlined with atmospheric sampling sites, field sites, airborne concentration and flux sampling, and possible ABoVE Domain indicated

A small workshop was held at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, May 22-24, 2012, to assess the predictive capability of Earth System Models in the Arctic-Boreal Zone (ABZ), prioritize the critical science questions, and make recommendations regarding new field experiments needed to improve model subcomponents in the ABZ. The workshop report and related materials are available here.


The Earth Sciences Division at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center plans, organizes, evaluates, and implements a broad program of research on our planet's natural systems and processes. Major focus areas include climate change, severe weather, the atmosphere, the oceans, sea ice and glaciers, and the land surface.

To study the planet from the unique perspective of space, the Earth Science Division develops and operates remote-sensing satellites and instruments. We analyze observational data from these spacecraft and make it available to the world's scientists. Our Education and Public Outreach efforts raise public awareness of the the Division's research and its benefits to society.

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