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The Computational and Information Sciences and Technology Office (CISTO) provides Information Technology (IT) and computational services, as well as applied information system research and services, to support the research programs of the Science and Exploration Directorate (SED). The office provides high performance computing and networking, mass storage and information systems technologies, computational science expertise, software engineering and performance optimization services, information technology (IT) security services, scientific visualization services, research in information science and technology, and educational and outreach programs. CISTO is SED's interface with Goddard's Chief Information Officer and IT organizations in Code 700 regarding IT security policy, implementation, and services, Enterprise Architecture development and compliance, strategic IT investment planning and management, and implementing NASA and Goddard IT policies and initiatives to ensure compliance. CISTO also develops strategies to optimize cost-effective use of information technologies in support of the Directorate's mission.


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606.1 -The Networks and Information Technology (IT) Security Group provides strategic network planning, services, and capabilities to meet the research and mission requirements of the Sciences and Exploration Directorate (SED) now and in the future.
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606.2 -The High-Performance Computing Group manages and operates the NASA Center for Climate Simulation (NCCS), one of the world's most powerful supercomputer and data storage centers.
606.3 -The Information Science and Technology Research Group performs strategic planning to prioritize information technology advances needed to enable science investigations and missions.
606.4 - The Scientific Visualization Studio facilitates scientific inquiry and outreach within NASA programs through visualization, such as videos and animation. The SVS collaborates with scientists to create visualization products, systems, and processes to promote a greater understanding of Earth and Space Science research activities at Goddard.

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A Closer Look at Carbon Dioxide

A new simulation of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere provides a look at how this greenhouse gas moves around the globe and fluctuates in volume. These three close-up views show how...

NASA Computer Model Provides a New Portrait of Carbon Dioxide

An ultra-high-resolution NASA computer model has given scientists a stunning new look at how carbon dioxide in the atmosphere travels around the globe.

NASA Highlights Mission Advances at Supercomputing Conference

From our home planet to the far reaches of space, NASA will highlight mission advances enabled by agency supercomputers at SC14, the international supercomputing conference, Nov. 16-21, New Orleans.

‘Pulse of Our Planet’: Watching Earth’s Vital Signs

On Sept. 10, “Vital Signs: Pulse of Our Planet” premiered at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, showcasing some of NASA’s most exciting Earth observations of our dynamic planet.

Magnetic Connections

Magnetic field lines arched and twisted above a small group of active regions and even reached out to connect to each other (Aug. 18-20, 2014).
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Code 606 is the Computational and Information Sciences and Technology Office (CISTO), the information technology (IT) office supporting the Sciences and Exploration Directorate.

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