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El Niño Could Drive Intense Season for Amazon Fires

El Niño conditions in 2015 and early 2016 altered rainfall patterns around the world.

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Gears up for 3-D Mapping on the Fly

OSIRIS-REx will travel to asteroid Bennu, study it and return a sample to Earth for analysis. These goals depend on accurate mapping of Bennu, so the team is gearing up for cartography of an asteroid.

NASA's Juno Peers Inside a Giant

NASA's Juno spacecraft will make its long-anticipated arrival at Jupiter on July 4 and begin to unravel some of Jupiter’s greatest mysteries, including the origin of its massive magnetosphere.

Reaching the Summit at NASA: Piers Sellers Receives Distinguished Service Medal

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden presented Goddard scientist and former astronaut Piers Sellers with the highest honor the agency can bestow, the Distinguished Service Medal.

Erskine Fire, California

A wildfire burning northeast of Bakersfield, California, is the state’s largest so far in 2016, according to news reports. It has also been called the season’s a most destructive fire.

Hubble Reveals Stellar Fireworks in ‘Skyrocket’ Galaxy

Fireworks shows are not just confined to Earth’s skies. NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has captured a spectacular fireworks display in a small, nearby galaxy, which resembles a July 4th skyrocket.

NASA's IMERG Measures Deadly West Virginia Flooding Rainfall

Since June 23, 2016 over two dozen people have been reported killed and hundreds of homes have been destroyed by flooding in West Virginia.

Tropical Cyclone 02A (No. Indian Ocean/Arabian Sea)

NASA spots Tropical Cyclone 02A develop in the Arabian Sea.

Southern California Wildfires Observed by NASA's MISR

The Los Angeles area is currently suffering the effects of three major wildfires that are blanketing the area with smoke.

Behind the Webb: Webb's First Eye Exam

In this episode of "Behind the Webb," engineers show how they will test the alignment of the mirrors and the path of light through the telescope from end to end, ensuring proper images.

Bloom in the Gulf of Alaska

There’s more than one way to feed a phytoplankton bloom in the Gulf of Alaska.

Hubble Gazes at Stars of the Large Magellanic Cloud

This NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image shows the star cluster NGC 1854, a gathering of red, white and blue stars in the southern constellation of Dorado (The Dolphinfish).

Hubble Imagery Confirms New Dark Spot on Neptune

New images obtained on May 16, 2016, by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope confirm the presence of a dark vortex in the atmosphere of Neptune.

The Complex Material Engineering of NASA's Webb Telescope Sunshield

The shiny silver material of the five-layer sunshield that will fly aboard NASA's James Webb Space Telescope is a complex and innovative feat of material science and engineering.

X-ray Echoes of a Shredded Star Provide Close-up of 'Killer' Black Hole

Some 3.9 billion years ago in the heart of a distant galaxy, the intense tidal pull of a monster black hole shredded a star that passed too close.

Pervasive Ice Retreat in West Antarctica

Along the Bellingshausen Sea coast of West Antarctica, ice has been retreating inland or being lost to the sea.

Astronomers Find the First 'Wind Nebula' Around a Magnetar

Astronomers have discovered a vast cloud of high-energy particles called a wind nebula around a rare ultra-magnetic neutron star, or magnetar, for the first time.

Reservoir and Fish Fires Blaze Near Los Angeles

Extreme heat and dry conditions contributed to the start of the Reservoir Fire and Fish Fires located just north of Los Angeles.

A Day in the East Korea Current

“The ocean is dynamic, and changes happen on very short time scales—from minutes to hours,” said Antonio Mannino of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

Danielle (N. Atlantic Ocean)

The tropical low pressure area formerly known as System 94L developed into tropical depression 4 and then became the fourth named tropical cyclone of the North Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Fires in New Mexico and Arizona

Fires are raging in Arizona and New Mexico.

‘Electric Wind’ Can Strip Earth-like Planets of Oceans, Atmospheres

Venus has an “electric wind” strong enough to remove the components of water from its upper atmosphere, which may have played a significant role in stripping Earth’s twin planet of its oceans.

Dust Over the Red Sea

Dust storms over the Red Sea are not uncommon. This sea, after all, is surrounded by deserts.

Reservoirs Down in India

Monsoon rains began arriving across India in early June 2016. For many Indians, it was not a moment too soon.

Terra Satellite Spots Dog Head Fire in N.M.

As of June 16, the Dog Head Fire in New Mexico had covered 16,000 acres.
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