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Graceful Turbulence

Powerful magnetic forces above an active region on the Sun twisted and pulled at a blob of plasma until it lost its connections and blew out into space.

Kavir Desert, Iran

As the astronauts on the International Space Station passed over the deserts of central Iran recently, they were greeted by this striking pattern of parallel lines and sweeping curves.

First Images Available from NASA-JAXA Global Rain and Snowfall Satellite

3D view inside an extra-tropical cyclone observed off the coast of Japan by GPM's Dual-frequency Precipitation Radar.

First Interactive Mosaic of Lunar North Pole

An interactive mosaic from LRO covers the north pole of the moon from 60 to 90 degrees latitude at a resolution of 2 meters per pixel. Close-ups of Thales crater (right side) zoom in to reveal detail.

Hubble Celebrates 24th Anniversary with Infrared Image of Nearby Star Factory

The images demonstrate Hubble's powerful infrared vision and reveal a shadowy, dense knot of gas and dust sharply contrasted against a backdrop of brilliant glowing gas in the Monkey Head Nebula.

Mid-Level Solar Flare Seen by NASA's SDO

SDO captures images of the sun in many wavelengths of light at the same time. Each wavelength shows different aspects of the same event, as seen in these three images of a solar flare from March 12.

Distant Quasar RX J1131

Multiple images of a distant quasar are visible in this combined view from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and the Hubble Space Telescope.

GPM Launches

The Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Core Observatory, a joint Earth-observing mission between NASA and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), thundered into space at 1:37 p.m. EST 2/27.

A Thousand Miles from Nowhere

There is perhaps no better place to get away from it all than Norway’s Bouvet Island. The nearest large land mass is the Princess Astrid Coast of Queen Maud Land, Antarctica—1,100 miles to the south.

Hubble Monitors Supernova In Nearby Galaxy M82

This composite image of a supernova explosion called SN 2014J in the galaxy M82 is an HST image of the closest supernova of its type discovered in the past few decades.

SDO Shows Images of Significant Solar Flare

These SDO images show the first moments of an X-class flare in different wavelengths of light -- seen as the bright spot that appears on the left limb of the sun.

The Koreas at Night

Flying over East Asia, astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) took this night image of the Korean Peninsula.

Untangling the Remains of Cassiopeia A

By mapping titanium-44 in Cassiopeia A, astronomers get a direct look at what happened in the core of the star when it was blasted to smithereens.

Hayn Crater

The floor of Hayn crater contains spectacular remnants of the impact event: impact melt, slump blocks, and complex debris. In some areas, rocks have cracked and eroded into fields of boulders.

Interactions of Active Regions

Observations in two wavelengths of extreme UV light reveal the magnetic connections between a pair of large and dynamic active regions.

Landsat 8’s First Year

Happy Birthday Landsat 8!

Raining Loops

Winner of the Goddard Film Festival Best of 2013, this video shows what can happen in a solar flare.

SDO Sees Lunar Transit

A rainbow of lunar transits as seen by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. The observatory watches the sun in many different wavelengths of light, which are each colorized in a different color.

Hubble Helps Solve Mystery of Ultra-Compact, Burned-Out Galaxies

This graphic shows the evolutionary sequence in the growth of massive elliptical galaxies over 13 billion years. The growth is quickly driven by rapid star formation and mergers with other galaxies.

Hubble, Hubble, Seeing Double!

These twins are a little too identical! They are close together, lie at the same distance from us, and have surprisingly similar properties. They are in fact the same object.

NASA's Aqua Satellite Sees a Northeastern Snowy Blanket

The storm system that moved through the northeastern U.S. dropped large snowfall totals up to a foot in southern New England to a couple of inches in Virginia.

Frozen Lake Erie

The intense cold snap that gripped much of central Canada and the United States in early January 2014 brought thick and widespread ice to the Great Lakes.

Hubble Probes Interior of Tarantula Nebula

This huge Hubble Space Telescope mosaic, spanning a width of 600 light-years, shows a star factory of more the 800,000 stars being born. The stars are embedded inside the Tarantula Nebula.

Spiral of Plankton

While the northern latitudes are bathed in the dull colors and light of mid-winter, the waters of the southern hemisphere are alive with mid-summer blooms.

SDO Sees Giant January Sunspots

One of the largest sunspots in the last nine years, labeled AR1944, was seen in early January 2014, as captured by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. An image of Earth has been added for scale.
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