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  • – Characteristics of Precipitation Features in the Central Andes
  • – Wind Retrieval Algorithms for the HIWRAP Airborne Doppler Radar with Applications to Hurricanes during GRIP
  • – Detection of mountain lee waves in MODIS NIR column water vapor
  • – The quasi-biennial oscillation is disrupted by geoengineering aerosols
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Press Releases & Feature Stories

Environmental Watch with NASA’s Satellites

Landsat satellites have monitored Earth’s environment for more than four decades, providing detailed imagery of some of our planet’s most precious ecosystems.

NASA's Earth Day #GlobalSelfie

NASA is inviting people all around the world to step outside on Earth Day, April 22, take a "selfie," and share it with the world on social media.

James Webb Space Telescope Highlighted at USA Science and Engineering Festival

The James Webb Space Telescope is going to "fly" into the USA Science and Engineering Festival on April 26 and 27 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EDT.
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How I Came to NASA to Fix Spacecraft ... [04/26/2014]

NASA physicist, Dr. Henning Leidecker, presented a Maniac Talk, entitled "How I came to NASA to fix Spacecraft ..." Henning talked about his life, from earliest memories to now, pondering how things work. And how a single tiny incandescent lamp killed 3 GOES, HST gyros running down, and exploding parts in TDRS, and why the Shuttle repeatedly failed to launch, and the underlying physics.

Presented by: Dr. Henning Leidecker

From Studies of Solubility and Divers Breathing Helium, to DOGS, then NCAR and NASA [02/14/2014]

Dr. Peter Hildebrand, Director of NASA Goddard Earth Sciences Division, presented a Maniac Talk entitled "From studies of solubility and divers breathing helium, to DOGS, then NCAR and NASA." Peter described the path that got him to where he now finds himself, with role models, mentors, a few fumbles, and a lot of love for the study of Mother Nature.

Presented by: Dr. Peter Hildebrand

My Story: A Tale of Three Continents [01/24/2014]

Dr. William Lau, Deputy Director for Atmospheres, Earth Science Division at NASA Goddard, presented a Maniac Talk entitled, "My Story: A Tale of Three Continents." Bill shared his early childhood under a colonial education system with strong Chinese cultural influence and how world events, cultural and education system of three major continents, Europe, Asia and North America shaped his upbringing career goals and work ethics.

Presented by: Dr. William Lau
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Still from Paint by Particle simulation of the atmosphere that captured how winds move aerosols around the world

GMAO Annual Report & Research Highlights 2011-2012

Over the last year, the Global Modeling and Assimilation Office (GMAO) has continued to advance our GEOS-5-based systems, updating products for both weather and climate applications.
Download GMAO_2011-2012Highlights.pdf
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Local News

Breakthrough of the Year

A Fermi science result from this past year was selected as a runner-up for "Breakthrough of the Year" by Science Magazine... congratulations to the Fermi team!

Vigdor Teplitz honored with an "individual certificate of appreciation"

The Assistant Secretary of State for Ocean, Environment and Scientific Affairs presented Vigdor Teplitz (663 emeritus) with an "individual certificate of appreciation" for "exceptional, sustained performance in furthering the international cooperation goals outlined in the President's June, 2010 National Space Policy." The award recognized recognized efforts to help NASA get South Africa to join in realizing the President's Asteroid Initiative, in general, and to obtain access to a specific South African radar, in particular.

Dr. Jim Tucker Awarded Vega Medal

Congratulations to Dr. Jim Tucker of the Earth Sciences Division. He is the recipient of the 2014 Vega Medal, an award given every three years by the Swedish Society for Anthropology and Geography. The society created the Vega Medal in 1881 on the occasion of Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld's return to Stockholm, after he had discovered the North East Passage. Since then, the Vega Medal has been awarded to a physical geographer roughly every three years. This award is given by the King of Sweden on 24 April, the anniversary of Nordenskiöld's return to Stockholm.
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Graceful Turbulence

Powerful magnetic forces above an active region on the Sun twisted and pulled at a blob of plasma until it lost its connections and blew out into space.

Kavir Desert, Iran

As the astronauts on the International Space Station passed over the deserts of central Iran recently, they were greeted by this striking pattern of parallel lines and sweeping curves.

First Images Available from NASA-JAXA Global Rain and Snowfall Satellite

3D view inside an extra-tropical cyclone observed off the coast of Japan by GPM's Dual-frequency Precipitation Radar.
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