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  • – Nonspherical Ice Particle Models for Precipitation Remote Sensing
  • – Advancements in Observing and Modeling Coupled Aerosol-Cloud Systems
  • – Atom provides a new perspective on tropospheric formaldehyde
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Press Releases & Feature Stories

NASA’s Next Ocean Monitoring Spacecraft to be Built at Goddard

The spacecraft for a new NASA satellite mission designed to monitor microscopic ocean life and its outsized impact on Earth’s climate will be built at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland.

Loma Fire in California Grows

The Loma Fire in California which broke out on Monday, September 26, 2016 has now grown to 2,865 acres and is 20% contained.

GOES-R, NOAA’s first in a new generation of satellites, launches next month

Some of the nation’s top satellite and weather experts will highlight the upcoming launch and mission of NOAA’s GOES-R, the first in a new series of four highly advanced weather satellites.
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My Intellectual Journey from "Idiot" to "Savant" [08/24/2016]

NASA climate scientist Stephen Ungar presented a Maniac lecture entitled, "My Intellectual Journey from 'Idiot' to 'Savant'." Steve shared his journey from somewhat problematic childhood, spanning World War 2, through early formative years leading to his six decades of association with NASA. Learn why, although race, religion and ethnicity played a role in his identity, he self-identify himself as a Physicist. According to Steve, NASA has served as a safe harbor for those afflicted with his condition and provided him an opportunity to make meaningful contributions to society. Steve also briefly touched on his good fortune in serving as the initial Mission Scientist for EO-1, "NASA's Science and Technology Pathfinder to the 21st Century."

Presented by: Dr. Stephen Ungar

Reminiscences of a scientist's journey from Nawfia to NASA [07/25/2016]

NASA climate scientist Charles Ichoku presented a Maniac lecture entitled, "Reminiscences of a scientist's journey from Nawfia to NASA." Born in a small town in Nigeria, Charles traced his captivating journey to NASA, which was full of surprises, and related his experiences with the great people he met and interacted with along the way, as well as some of his work.

Presented by Dr. Charles Ichoku

What If and So What? Climate Change and Corn/Wheat/Rice/Soybeans (and a few words on Cities) [06/22/2016]

NASA climate scientist Cynthia Rosenzweig presented a Maniac lecture entitled, "What If and So What? Climate Change and Corn/Wheat/Rice/Soybeans (and a few words on Cities)." Cynthia narrated how her background as agronomist set her on a path to investigate how a change in climate due to increased carbon dioxide would impact food security and how NASA missions and models have been valuable at every step of the way. Cynthia also touched briefly on climate change and cities.

Presented by: Dr. Cynthia Rosenzweig
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Photo of AfriSAR team members Sassan Saatchi and Laura Duncanson taking measurements of trees in the rainforest in the Mondah National Park, Gabon, Africa

Images of AfriSAR

AfriSAR: NASA Science mission measures changes in the Gabon environment
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Local News

Nordberg Award Winner Piers Sellers receives award from Colleen Hartman and presents memorial lecture.

Memorial Lecture Photos

Women In Aerospace Leadership Award Goes to Dr. Colleen Hartman

Congratulations to Dr. Colleen Hartman for her selection for the Women In Aerospace 2016 Leadership Award. The award is presented for: “Demonstration of exemplary leadership abilities that enable others to succeed in the aerospace field. Leadership of noteworthy contributions to the aerospace field on a single project over several years or during a career. Commitment to professional growth. Service as a role model or mentor that shows dedication to the advancement of women in aerospace.”

Science Jamboree event photos

The 2016 Science Jamboree was a great success! A collection of 50 photos from the event are available now.
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Colorful and Plankton-Full Patagonian Waters

Late spring and summer weather brings blooms of color to the Atlantic Ocean off of South America, at least from a satellite view.

Retreat of the Columbia Glacier

Scientists have long studied Alaska's fast-moving Columbia Glacier, a tidewater glacier descending through the Chugach Mountains into Prince William Sound. Yet the river of ice continues to surprise.

Ocean Data Shows 'Climate Dance' of Plankton

The greens and blues of the ocean color from NASA satellite data have provided new insights into how climate and ecosystem processes affect the growth cycles of phytoplankton.
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