Sciences and Exploration Directorate (600) Recent Awards & Honors

NASA Honor Award - Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal

Recipients: Steven L Snowden (662), Tod E Strohmayer (662)
Stephen Snowden: For developing the first physically coherent picture of the Local Hot Bubble
Tod Strohmayer: For demonstrating the existence of intermediate mass black holes

NASA Honor Award - Outstanding Leadership Medal

Recipients: Keith C Gendreau (662), Richard L Kelley (660)
Keith Gendreau: For outstanding leadership in bringing the Neutron Star Interior Composition ExploreR (NICER) instrument through Critical Design Review
Richard Kelley: For exceptional contributions to the development of high-resolution X-ray spectrometers and outstanding leadership of the Astro-H Soft X-ray Spectrometer team

GSFC Honor Award - New Opportunities Captured Team

Recipient: GEDI Lidar Proposal Team (James Blair)

GSFC Honor Award - Engineering Team

Recipient: 693/OPIS & Wallops ArcSecond Pointing (WASP) Combined Team (Terry Hurford)

GSFC Honor Award - Engineering

Recipients: Xiaoli Sun (694), Cynthia Gundersen

GSFC Honor Award - Customer Service

Recipients: Helioviewer Project (Jack Ireland), Space Weather Research Center (Antti Pulkkinen)
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