Planetary Magnetospheres Laboratory (695) Awards Won

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GSFC Honor Award - Science Team

Recipient: Maven Science Team (Joseph Grebowsky)

GSFC Honor Award - Outreach

Recipients: Charles Kironji Gatebe (613), Amber N Straughn (665), Yihua Zheng (674), The Astrobiology Walk Design Team (Cynthia Cheung 695)

SSED Peer Award

Recipients: Lora Varley Bleacher (690), Rita Clark (691), William M Farrell (695), Nicolas Jean Philippe Gorius (693), Ferzan Jaeger (699), Patricia J Lawton (695), James L Odom (564), David A Sheppard (564)

NASA Honor Award - Group Achievement Award

Recipients: John E.P. Connerney (695), Todd M Bonalsky (549), Michael K Choi (545), Norman K Dobson (660.3), Jared R Espley (695), Vicki T Gaunt (603), Patrick L Kilroy (568), Cynthia A Kirchner (554), Amil C Mann (545), Fred A Minetto (695), James L Odom (564), Ronald J Oliversen (695), Brian P Ross (549), Richard G Schnurr (560), David A Sheppard (564), Pietro Anthony Sparacino (322), Haydee M Aguilar (695), Nabil A Copty (540), Patsy L Dickens (546), Mona R Drexler (690.1), Francesco Giacobbe (540), Phillip A Goodwin (560), Steven G Himes (323), neil d holby (560), Gregory S Jamroz (540), Christa A Kronser (695), Patricia J Lawton (695), Lorna A Londot (422), Jacob Edward Masters (560), Bruce D Meinhold (560), Scott D Murphy (695), Vaughn R Nelson (540), Sokha S Ngin (562), Dean L Osgood (540), Kevin W Redman (540), Kenneth F Rehmann (564), Prapasra C Shub (540), Marly A Sulkowski (562), James E Tate (560), Khamphiou X Thay (562), Kim Loan Thi Tran (562), Kim Andersson, Sherry L Warner (562), Anastassia Malinnikova Bang, Anne P Watson (562), Mathias Benn, Jonas Bækby Bjarnø, Maxine H Windhausen (562), Peter Brauer, Jennifer L Young (540), Thorbjørn Helvig Christensen, Elizabeth A Zubritsky (690), Troelz Denver, Lowell Fry, Peter Buch Guldager, Anne-Dorthe Hansen, Finn Eskemann Jørgensen, John Leif Jørgensen, Peter Siegbjørn Jørgensen, Jan Kleberg, Seth Libby, Sean McKillop, Debbie Mechlenborg, José Maria Garcia Merayo, Wulf Oelschlägel, Ole Kolvig Olsen, Charles Rasbach, Sean Rupple, Robert Sharrow, Julia Sushkova, Lars Timmerman, Robert J. Venier, Hans Voight
For exemplary technical achievement leading to the highly successful development, build, test, calibration and operation of the Juno magnetometers instrument suite

NASA Honor Award - Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal

Recipient: William M Farrell (695)
To Dr. William Farrell for his major accomplishments in understanding dusty plasma environments of the Moon and other solar system bodies and consequences for exploration.

GSFC Honor Award - Outreach

Nov, 2011
Recipients: Sarah E Eyermann (662), Cynthia Y Cheung (695), Robert J Gutro (130), Debra Lynn Chandler (130), Brent J Bos (551), Manohar D Deshpande (555), Amy Lynn Davis (569), International Observe the Moon Night Outreach Team (690), Wallops Education Flight Opportunities Team (810)

NASA Honor Award - Group Achievement Award

Jun, 2011
Recipient: The MAVEN Phase B Team

NASA Honor Award - Exceptional Achievement Medal

Apr, 2009
Recipients: Robert J Macdowall (695), John C. Pearl (693), Robert E Wolfe (619), H Jay Zwally (610)

AGU Fellow

Recipients: John E.P. Connerney (695), Thomas E. Moore (670), Richard D. Ray (698), Compton J. Tucker (610)
The American Geophysical Union announced that newly elected fellows include John Connerney, Thomas Earle Moore, Richard Ray, and Compton Tucker of NASA/GSFC. Connerney is an astrophysicist and space scientist at the Laboratory for Extraterrestrial Physics. Ray is a geophysicist at the Planetary Geodynamics Laboratory, Tucker is a senior Earth scientist at the Hydrospheric and Biospheric Sciences Laboratory. Moore is the deputy director of the Heliophysics Science Division.
American Geophysical Union
NASA press release

GSFC Honor Award - Science

Recipients: William M Farrell (695), Natchimuthuk Gopalswamy (671), Robert F Pfaff (674), David D Rowlands (698), David N Whiteman (612), KEVIN BLACK, Molly Elizabeth Brown (618)

GSFC Honor Award - Mentoring

Recipients: Nancy G Maynard (615), Fred A Minetto (695), Russell Dare, Willa Gaitanis, Eric Young

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