Xiaoli Sun

Xiaoli Sun

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  • Mail Code: 698
  • Greenbelt , MD 20771
  • Employer: NASA
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    Laser remote sensing techniques; detectors for space borne laser instruments; detecting signals from noise.

    Positions and Appointments

    Scientist, Laser Remote Sensing Branch, Code 694, NASA GSFC, 1999 - present
    Associated Research Scientist, Johns Hopkins University, 1989-1999
    Instrument Scientist, Mercury Laser Altimeter (MLA);
    Instrument performance analyst, Geoscience Laser Altimeter System (GLAS);
    Lead detector engineer, GLAS and Mars Orbital Laser Altimeters (MOLA).


    1989 Ph.D. in electrical engineering, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore MD
    1985 M.S.E., Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
    1982 B.S. Taiyuan Institute of Technology, Taiyuan, China.


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