Thomas W Zagwodzki

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Thomas W Zagwodzki

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    Tom Zagwodzki received his Bachelor Degree in Engineering Science (Physics) in 1974 from the Cleveland State University. He began his career at NASA in 1971 as a Student Trainee in the Laser Technology Branch. Past NASA positions include Electronics Engineer in the Instrument Electro-Optics Branch (1974 to 1990), Photonics Branch (1990 to 1994), and Optics Branch (1994 to 1996), and Geoscience Technology Office (1997-2004). He is currently a member of the Laser Remote Sensing Branch at Goddard. He has participated in the field of satellite laser ranging (SLR) since 1976 and has been involved in the design, development, testing and demonstration of several ground-based satellite laser ranging systems including the STALAS, TLRS2, MOBLAS7, MOBLAS4, and the ESLRS. The last of these, the Experimental Satellite Laser Ranging System, is based at Goddard's 1.2m Telescope Facility and is currently being used by Mr. Zagwodzki as an engineering test bed to demonstrate next generation ground-based laser ranging systems and components. He participated in the prelaunch testing of the LAGEOS 1 satellite and was responsible for all the pulsed test data taken on the prelaunch characterization of LAGEOS 2. He has conducted investigations in single color and two color streak camera-based aircraft and satellite laser ranging from the 1.2m laboratory and has demonstrated high repetition rate (200-600 Hertz) satellite laser ranging from that facility as well as the Starfire Optical Range in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was the lead engineer for receiver design and testing of the Airborne Microlaser Altimeter at Goddard and is now the lead engineer supporting next generation SLR(2000) prototype development. He is the technical lead in ground-based SLR operating in the transponder mode (enabling tracking at planetary distances) and has demonstrated that capability from the 1.2m telescope facility.


    Bachelor Degree in Engineering Science (Physics) in 1974 from the Cleveland State University

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