Chi C Cheung

Chi C Cheung

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    Brief Bio

    Stanford University, NRAO Jansky Postdoctoral Fellow, Sep. 2005 - Sep. 2007; Instructor, Summer 2007

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, NRAO Jansky Postdoctoral Fellow, Aug. 2004 - Aug. 2005

    Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Visiting Scientist, Feb. 2004 - July 2004

    Brandeis University, Graduate Research Student, Sep. 1999 - Jan. 2004; Teaching Assistant (Fall 2000 - Spring 2002)

    Space Telescope Science Institute, National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Lowell Observatory, Brandeis University, Research Student, Summers 1997 - 2000


    Extragalactic radio sources, physics of relativistic jets (AGN and galactic binaries), very long baseline interferometry and polarimetry, GLAST and radio studies of galactic transients and radio galaxies (jets and extended lobes)


    Chandra X-ray and radio studies of extragalactic jets and the highest-redshift relativistic jets

    Spitzer IRAC Survey of Large-scale Jets and Hotspots

    Origin of X-shaped Radio Galaxies - radio (VLA, GMRT, VLBI) spectral studies and optical (MMT, HET) spectroscopy

    VLBA, VLA, Chandra, HST monitoring of the M87 Jet


    Brandeis University, Ph.D. Physics (2004), M.A. (2001), B.S. Physics & Mathematics (1999)


    Superluminal Radio Features in the M87 Jet & the Site of Flaring TeV Gamma-ray Emission - Cheung, C.C., D.E. Harris, & L. Stawarz,
    Astrophys. J. (Letters), 663, L65-L68

    The Electron Energy Distribution in the Hotspots of Cygnus A: Filling the Gap with the Spitzer Space Telescope - Stawarz, L., C.C. Cheung, D.E. Harris, & M. Ostrowski. 2007, Astrophys. J., 662, 213-223

    FIRST "Winged" and "X"-shaped Radio Source Candidates - Cheung, C.C. 2007, Astron. J., 133, 2097-2121

    Compton X-ray and γ-ray Emission from Extended Radio Galaxies - Cheung, C.C. 2007, in The First GLAST Symposium, Eds. S.Ritz, P.Michelson, & C. Meegan, AIP Conf. Ser. 921, 325-326

    Confronting X-ray Emission Models with the Highest-Redshift Kiloparsec-Scale Jets: the z=3.89 Jet in Quasar 1745+624 - Cheung, C.C., L. Stawarz, & A. Siemiginowska. 2006, Astrophys. J., 650, 679-692

    Shedding New Light on the 3C 273 Jet with the Spitzer Space Telescope - Uchiyama, Y., C.M. Urry, C.C. Cheung, S. Jester, J. van Duyne, P. Coppi, R.M. Sambruna, T. Takahashi, F. Tavecchio, & L. Maraschi. 2006, Astrophys. J., 648, 910-921

    The Outburst of HST-1 in the M87 Jet - Harris, D.E., C.C. Cheung, J.A. Biretta, W. Sparks, W. Junor, E.S. Perlman, & A.S. Wilson. 2006, Astrophys. J., 640, 211-218

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