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Sciences and Exploration Directorate (600) Management Staff

Photo of Colleen Hartman

Dr. Colleen N Hartman

Director + Bio
Photo of Piers Sellers

Dr. Piers J Sellers

Deputy Director + Bio
Photo of Colleen Hartman

Dr. Colleen N Hartman

Acting Deputy Director for Planning and Business Management + Bio
Photo of Azita Valinia

Dr. Azita Valinia

Associate Director for Research and Development + Bio
Photo of James Garvin

Dr. James B Garvin

SED Chief Scientist + Bio
Photo of Michelle Thaller

Dr. Michelle L Thaller

Assistant Director for Science Communication and Higher Education + Bio
Photo of Blanche Meeson

Blanche W Meeson

Chief, Higher Education Programs + Bio
Photo of Warren Connley

Warren E Connley

Assistant Director for Operations + Bio
Photo of Barbara Grofic

Barbara B Grofic

Assistant Director for Program Support + Bio
Photo of David Bloom

David D Bloom

Code 600 Directorate IT Manager + Bio

Support Staff

Photo of Diana Elben

Diana M Elben

Administrative Officer + Bio
Photo of Janet Manuel

Janet Elizabeth Manuel

Secretary + Bio
Photo of Pamela Carrick

Pamela G Carrick

Secretary + Bio
Photo of Wendy Tuttle

Wendy A Tuttle

Project Support Specialist + Bio
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