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AAS Harold C. Urey Prize

Recipient: Geronimo L Villanueva (690)
The 2015 Urey Prize winner is Dr. Geronimo Villanueva. For his work with comets and with Mars’ atmosphere; his spectroscopic databases; his molecular calculations; his models of comet excitation; his work on the minor species in the Martian atmosphere, and much more, Villanueva is recognized as one of the best young spectroscopists in his generation. His additional work with instrumentation, programming ability, data handling and visualization skills, and collaborative team building collectively distinguish him.
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NASA Honor Award - Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal

Recipients: Steven L Snowden (662), Tod E Strohmayer (662)
Stephen Snowden: For developing the first physically coherent picture of the Local Hot Bubble
Tod Strohmayer: For demonstrating the existence of intermediate mass black holes

NASA Honor Award - Outstanding Leadership Medal

Recipients: Keith C Gendreau (662), Richard L Kelley (660)
Keith Gendreau: For outstanding leadership in bringing the Neutron Star Interior Composition ExploreR (NICER) instrument through Critical Design Review
Richard Kelley: For exceptional contributions to the development of high-resolution X-ray spectrometers and outstanding leadership of the Astro-H Soft X-ray Spectrometer team

NASA Honor Award - Group Achievement Award

Jul, 2015
Recipients: The LRO Extended Science Mission Team, John W Keller (691)

NASA Honor Award - Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal

Jul, 2015
Recipient: Carrie Anderson (693)

NASA Honor Award - Silver Achievement Medal (Group)

Jul, 2015
Recipient: GPM SMA Team
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