Sciences and Exploration Directorate (600) Recent Awards & Honors

John C. Lindsay Memorial Award for Space Science

Recipient: Paul R Mahaffy (699)

William Nordberg Memorial Award for Earth Science

Recipient: Scott B Luthcke (698)
This award recognizes Scott's collective contributions in space geodesy applications to solid Earth geophysics, oceanography and especially cryospheric science where his pioneering work on ice mass concentrations has provided essential data for understanding environmental change.

NASA Honor Award - Group Achievement Award

Jul, 2014
Recipient: Brooke C Hsu (690)

NASA Honor Award - Exceptional Public Service Medal

Jul, 2014
Recipient: Mildred G Martin (691)

NASA Honor Award - Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medal

Jul, 2014
Recipients: J Thomas Nolan (699), Mehdi Benna (699)

NASA Honor Award - Exceptional Service Medal

Jul, 2014
Recipient: Amy A Simon (690)
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