Sciences and Exploration Directorate (600) Recent Awards & Honors

GSFC Honor Award - Engineering Team

Recipients: GOES-R Space Environment In-situ Suite Development (Daniel Flanagan), GPM Command and Data Handling Subsystem Team (Scott Pursley), SMAP Radiometer Digital Electronics Team (Clifford Brambora), Goddard Wallops Hurricane and Severe Storm Sentinel (HS3) Capabilities Development Team (Shane Dover

GSFC Honor Award - Science

Recipients: G. James Collatz (618), Serguei V Martchenko (614)

GSFC Honor Award - Science Team

Recipients: GPM Algorithm Team (Robert Meneghini), GPM Ground Validation Team (Walter Peterson), Precipitation Processing System Team (Erich F Stocker)

GSFC Honor Award - Secretarial/Clerical

Recipients: Sandra V Banks (610.W), Laura L Winter (610)

GSFC Honor Award - Outreach Team

Recipient: GPM Outreach Team (Dalia Kirschbaum)

IRAD Innovator of the Year

Recipients: Andrew Walter Kupchock (612), Matthew J McGill (610), V Stanley Scott (694), John E Yorks (612)
Goddard’s Office of the Chief Technologist’s annual award for those who achieve significant results creating technologies developed under NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s Internal Research and Development (IRAD) program. The team received the award for designing and building three Earth-observing climate-change instruments and pursuing existing platforms from which to fly the innovative concepts on-time and with limited resources.
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