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Hale Prize

Jun, 2014
Recipient: Thomas L Duvall (671)
Dr. Tom Duvall, an astrophysicist at Goddard has been selected to receive the 2014 Hale Prize for his outstanding contributions over an extended period of time in the field of solar astronomy. Duvall received this honor for his invention and application of innovative helioseismic methods and resulting groundbreaking discoveries within the solar interior, including internal sound-speed and rotation profiles, meridional circulation, wave perturbations in sunspots, and large scale convection properties. Duvall will be awarded the Hale Prize during the 2014 American Astronomical Society Meeting in Boston on June 1-5. Dr. Duvall is one of the pioneers of helioseismology and has been working in this area for more than twenty years. He is at least partly responsible for a number of discoveries, including the relation commonly known as Duvall's law, the initial measurements of rotation and sound speed throughout much of the solar interior, and the asymmetry of solar oscillation spectral lines. In recent years he helped invent the technique known as time-distance helioseismology, in which travel times are measured between different surface locations.
Solar Physics Division of the AAS

GSFC Honor Award - Robert H. Goddard Award of Merit

Recipients: Alice K Harding (663), Joseph B Gurman (671)

GSFC Honor Award - Outreach

Recipients: Charles Kironji Gatebe (613), Amber N Straughn (665), Yihua Zheng (674)

GSFC Honor Award - Mentoring

Recipients: Sophie Marie Jeanne Crooks Nowicki (615), Balloon Experimental Twin Telescope for Infrared Interferometry Team (Stephen Rinehart) (665)

GSFC Honor Award - Leadership

Recipients: Walter A Petersen (610.W), Ellsworth J Welton (612), John W Keller (691), Dennis C Reuter (693)

GSFC Honor Award - Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity

Recipients: John G Baker (663), Jane R Rigby (665)
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