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Caspian Sea Shore Fire in Kazakhstan
Wildfires Continue to Beleaguer the U.S. Western States
Explore@NASAGoddard 2015 Concludes

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ESD Supports White House Initiative

Dr. Curt Tilmes and the Climate Data Initiative team supported the White House release of the Climate Data Initiative Human Health theme, to "Protect Communities From the Impacts of Climate Change." This release adds 150 health-relevant datasets to climate.data.gov.
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The Terrestrial Information Systems Laboratory produces stable, well calibrated, and scientifically validated products from Earth observing satellites. These products fill the needs of researchers at Goddard Space Flight Center working to advance understanding of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere on a global scale. The Laboratory partners with other federal agencies to develop and operate computing systems that provide custom products in near real-time for applied research and applications.

For further information, data, research, and other resources, see Terrestrial Information Systems Research.

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